Age 18-24 + Facial Plastic Surgery

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Age 23 - How to Make My Face More Oval Than Square?

I used to have an oval nice face that looked nice and tight all around. My cheekbones stood out beautifully due to this, but just recently my face... READ MORE

Can Anything Be Done About my Asymmetrical Face?

I've known for a long time that my face wasn't quite symmetrical, but it wasn't until I took this photo that I realized how bad it was.... READ MORE

Forehead Treatment For Caveman Bump? (photo)

Hi, i'm 23 and male. My problem is not the agressive look i have because of the difference between my eyes and my brow line(is a problem, but not what... READ MORE

Chin Implant, Jaw Implant, or Jaw Advancement for Stronger Jawline and Chin?

I am 21 y/o with a weak chin/jawline. It makes my face look fat, even though I'm extremely skinny and I am constantly mistaken for being 16 y/o.... READ MORE

Causes and Treatment for Enophthalmos

I'm 18 and have enophthalmos. It didn't happen drastically but have been developing over the pass few years. The part of my eyelid and... READ MORE

21 Year Old Male with Bossing Frontal Forehead. Which Procedures Are Good and Cost?

Which procedures are best to correct this and the cost of not satisfy with my looks and very looking forward to have surgery if possible to... READ MORE

21 Year Old Male, Neanderthal-Like Forehead - Options and Cost?

Iam a 21 Year Old Male with a Neanderlike Forehead and I Would Like to Correct This and Know the Cost of the Procedures? Update: Photos here. READ MORE

I Would Like a Girlier More Delicate Look to my Face? What Can Be Done for Me?

I have my father's nose, so I am seriously considering rhinoplasty. I think my nose is far too large and masculine for me. What can be done to... READ MORE

Can my Face Look More Masculine? (photo)

Hi.I'm 20 years old and 151.8 lbs.I'm really considering to have a nose job and some face implants soon I feel my face look so much younger that my... READ MORE

Why is my Face Changing and What Can I Do to Get It Back to the Way It Was?

In the past month my face seems to have begun to sag. My jawline is less prominent (and rounded)and my cheek bones also look less prominent. I'm... READ MORE

Can This Crooked Philtrum Be Corrected?

I'm a 22 year old male, and something which bothers me a lot about the way I look is my crooked mouth / philtrum area. Possibly caused by braces.... READ MORE

I Want to Look More Feminine With a Smaller Face

I hate my nose and face size. I just wanted to know if there is a surgical procedure that can give me a smaller face. I'm 24 & I already have... READ MORE

I Have A Bad Profile, Esp After Broken Nose, Under Eye Bags, I Look Older Than 22, What Are My Options?

I'm 22 and I've had undereye bags forever, pretty sure it's genetic. People ask often: "are you tired," or "did you not... READ MORE

Options for a Thinner-Looking, More Defined Face

I'm 22 and I hate my face. It looks much too big for my eyes, nose and mouth and it is very round with chubby cheeks. Both my father and his mom... READ MORE

I Want to Make my Face Less Round and More Symmetrical

How can I achieve this goal? Please tell me all of the procedures you would recommend. I am 18 years old. READ MORE

Maxilla Reduction. Realistic? Costs? I Have a Long Face.

I'm a 19 year old woman, and I've been very uncomfortable with the length of my face for many years. I've given it a lot of thought, and decided that... READ MORE

Lower Face Has Excess Fat and a Gummy Smile

I'm a 21 year old woman... The lower half of my face seems to have quite a lot of excess fat and skin. It is especially noticeable when I smile,... READ MORE

Uneven Eyes/slightly Crooked Nose is There Any Thing That Can Be Done to Correct It? (photo)

Hi im a 20 year old male I have uneven eyes ive always had a slightly crooked nose since birth but my eyes over the last 3 to 4 years have become... READ MORE

Face Changed, Shortened, Feminized? (photo)

Please help I'm a 21 year old female, I absolutely hate my face I won't go outside because of how ugly & (deformed) I look, I have had therapy... READ MORE

Options for Muscle Loss Under Eyes?

Hello, i am 24 i feel like i have muscle loss under the's very hollow looking. no one in my family has this skin on face is... READ MORE

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