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What Are Potential Facelift Side Effects?

I expect side effects would be pain but what about swelling and others from the face lift? READ MORE

Severely Sagging Skin at 24. Eyebrow Lift/face Lift Needed? (photo) (photo)

I look so old and tired. My eye lids are droopy and I noticed that my forehead skin is loose now as well.I have bags under my eyes and on my cheeks... READ MORE

Will a Facelift Tighten Pores?

My pores are so large that my skin sags and looks like fine wrinkles. If I were to have a facelift, would it have an adequate effect on tightening... READ MORE

I Am 76 Years Old, Can I Get A Facelift?

Since I am quite old and have lots of wrinkles will it be worth my while and how successful will the results be and how long will they last? Kelly READ MORE

What Results Can I Expect from a Face Lift?

Sudden improvement in my wrinkles or just lifting of sagged skiN? READ MORE

How Long/How Important Facelift Compression Garment?

I had a facelift that involved liposuction of chin/jowls approx 2 1/2 weeks ago. The compression garment began to push "wrinkles" in my neck so my PS... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Sagging Mouth and Wrinkles? (photo)

What is the most economical way to improve the sagging corners of my mouth as well as smooth the wrinkles in my forehead? Since I am 44 years old, is... READ MORE

I Had a Mid Face Lift, Did Not Have my Eyes Done, but my Eyes Are Elongated Slits 2 Weeks Post Op?

Will my formerly bigger, round eyes return to their shape again and will the new wrinkles and folds now surrounding them be gone? i did not have my... READ MORE

Skin Laxity: Neck, Cheeks, Eyes. Bunches, Crevasses. Sunken Cheeks, Temples? (photo)

Skinny Male. Injections, Facelift, Blepharoplasty? 45, skinny. My skin's become very lax. Combined with effect of aging on fat deposits, leaves me... READ MORE

Not Feeling Positive - 10 Days on? (photo)

Face, neck and browlift ,upper and lower bleph and lateral canthoplexy 10 days ago Redness in one eye being treated by antibiotics to exclude... READ MORE

Permanent solution for wrinkles and lines around mouth?

I recently had a facelift (neck, mid face and brow) and am very happy. I also had dermabrasion around the mouth. But I still have lines and wrinkles... READ MORE

Eyelids, Facelift and Chin Lift?

It's been two months and a half since my eyelids surgery and two months since my face and chin lift and I still see no changes. I still have hanging... READ MORE

What procedure is best for me? Should I consider a facelift at my age? (Photo)

Hello I am 43 years old. Feel like I'm 23. Noticed fine lines around my eyes in my late 30s. And around 40 the skin under my eyes became more hollow.... READ MORE

Is 74-1/2 years too old to have something done? I have wrinkles around lower face and what they call a turkey neck. (Photo)

Have wrinkles around lower face and what they call a turkey neck. Weight is about 102 pounds. Not rich either. Thank you. READ MORE

I'm 46 year old mother, would you recommend a Rhinoplasty and a Facelift? (photo)

46 year old mother wanting to look young and beautiful again ( possible rhinoplasty or facelift considerations ) Increased wrinkles and pigmented... READ MORE

Would surgery be the best option for my skin elasticity, scars, crow's feet, and vein under my eye? (photos)

These are my problem areas. Scar in-between eyes/ Glabella- I went to get filler in the pox scar, and the injector ended up popping a blood vessel or... READ MORE

16 Year Old Bad, Uneven Facelift, What Less Invasive Treatments Could I Do to Correct?

Sixteen years ago, I had a facelift. The skin on one side of my face was lifted TOO tightly and tautly - it is horribly obvious. The skin on both... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Lipo or facelift? (photos)

I am 45 and recently lost 45lbs. Now I have this hanging neck with jowls but the wrinkles bother me the most. Especially when I swallow (last picture)... READ MORE

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