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Is It the Nicotine Itself That Constricts Blood Vessels?

2 surgeons referred to nicotine in restricting blood vessels. This confused me, as the popularity for imitation cigarettes is becoming more popular in... READ MORE

Negative Effects From Smoking the E-Cigarette When Having Facelift?

If a person has quit smoking cigarettes and changed to the e-cigarette which still provides nicotine only. How much negative effects are still present... READ MORE

Quitting Smoking Before MACS Lift

I Am Having Macslift in 3 Weeks. I quit smoking 4 months ago. I have been having ONE PUFF of cigarette for last 4 weeks. that is all i have had. Is... READ MORE

Why Can't I Have Neck or Facelift as a Smoker?

I've had both upper and lower eye lid surgery, arm reduction and a tummy tuck. I am a smoker and am 51 years old. I've healed fine in all... READ MORE

Smoking & Facelifts?

I smoke & am considering a facelift. I have read all the doctors advise in this blog however I have a question. Where can I go to get actual proof... READ MORE

19 Year Old and Want a Facelift! Suggestions? (photo)

I've smoked for over 5 years and sunbed a lot, which doesn't help the fact that I look old for my age which people ALWAYS comment on! I have really... READ MORE

I Have a Facelift in 2 Weeks, but I Smoked Half a Pack of Cigarettes Yesterday?

I am not a smoker, but I smoked because of a death in the family, will this ruin my surgery? READ MORE

How Long Does Swelling Last After a Deep Plane Lift?

Many people have had extensive swelling and lumps from a deep plane lift. Does smoking have anything to do with this slow process. From roping in the... READ MORE

Light Smoker Quitting 3 Weeks Before Deep-plane Midface Lift?

I am scheduled for a deep plane mid facelift and have been a light to moderate smoker for nearly a decade. I stopped smoking but it will be only 21... READ MORE

I Am Having a Temporal Facelift Along with Lower Eye Sag Removal. Is 3 Weeks Long Enough to Be Nicotine Free or Should I Cancel?

I Am Having a Temporal Facelift Along with Lower Eye Sag Removal. Is 3 Weeks Long Enough to Be Nicotine Free or Should I Cancel. READ MORE

Possible to Make Payments for Facelift?

I have horrible credit. However, I looked in the mirror and noticed my neck is sagging and I also have bags under my eyes. Can I get a quick lift. PS... READ MORE

What amount of smoking is okay before a facelift?

I am planning to have this done soon. My surgeon says upto 5 cigarettes a day will be ok before and after the op/recovery. Do you agree? READ MORE

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