Second Round + Facelift

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Fillers Don't Seem to Work to Volumize my Face?

At age 47 I had a facelift. At age 57 I had a "facelift revision" and now at age 64 I've had another facelift revision. All by the same surgeon. He... READ MORE

My Second Face Lift in 20 Years?

Why is it harder for a surgeon to do a face lift on a person who has had one in the past? I am 58 and had a face lift 20 years ago and I need it done... READ MORE

Going to Need a Revision Face Lift to Fix Saggy Skin from Restylane? (photo)

I went to see a specialist here in Houston and he confirmed my biggest nightmare. The restylane and the wydase have caused majpr sagging in my skin... READ MORE

I'm 42, I Show All Kinds if Droopping After I Already Had a Facelift at 29. I Know a Facelift Doesn't Last Forever But? (photo)

...the last thing I expected was to look as if I never had one in the first place and look even worse only 13 years later. Why would my skin do this... READ MORE

Nerve Damage and Facelift?

I had a second facelift last December and my dr advised that during the surgery, a nerve twitched so he avoided that area. In the past month or so, I... READ MORE

I Am 74 Years Old and on Bloodthinnners for AF is It Safe to Have a Facelift?

10 years ago I had a facelife which was very successful. I had gone off my blood thinners 5 days previous to the surgery. The plastic surgeon did a... READ MORE

What Are the Best and Safest Techniques for a Secondary (Not Revision, Just Fading Results) Facelift?

What Are the Best and Safest Techniques for a Secondary (Not Revision, Just Fading Results) Facelift? READ MORE

Facelift out of State?

Last facelift was 12 years ago and it's time for a touch up. My ps moved from TX to CA. We did phone consult (emailed pics) and he feels a touch up... READ MORE

Considering repeating facelift after 18 months because of loose skin?

Doctor says that facelifts typically last at least 5 years but that my skin has a propensity to sag. (Note: My weight is normal.) I don't have as much... READ MORE

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