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S-lift Done 4 Weeks Ago and Face Looks Too Pulled by Jawline

I had a simoni lift 3 weeks ago. left side of my face looks too pulled by the jawline. My jaw has restricted movement. Seems like my left ear is... READ MORE

I Tie my Hair Up to Give Myself a Psedo Face Lift. Would an Actual Lift Give the Same Look?

I like to gather the hair up around the area near my ears and tie it up on top of my head with a small hair tie (I pull it really tight) because it... READ MORE

Had Facelift and CO2 Laser 1 Year Apart: Resulted in Bags Under Eyes

How do I have this problem corrected, returned to doctor and he wants to do another lower blephoplasty, the first was done when I had the facelift... READ MORE

After 8 Months, Should my Outerlid Corners Be Webbed, Pulling and Puffy?

I had a face lift with an upper and lower eyelift eight months ago. The outside under corners of both eye are still puffy. Worse, they are webbed. The... READ MORE

Will This Go Away?

I had a f/l done almost 5 yrs ago sutures were coming out near my left ear, a doctor pulled them out without a problem A few months later, a suture... READ MORE

I have cat eye look following a facelift. Are my eyes permanently reduced to this shape and size?

I have a deep plane face lift 11 days ago. I decided not to have a brow lift but agreed to removing excess skin under lower eyes that would bunch from... READ MORE

Pulled feeling on right side?

I am 11 months out after a facelift. I still have one unresolved issue. I have this pulled feeling that radiates from below my ear, along my jaw, and... READ MORE

Why do I still have this pins + needle and a grabbing/pulling sensation that reacts also to temperature 1 and 1/2 years post op?

Had a face and brow lift 1 and1/2 years ago. Love the results but have a constant pins + needle and a grabbing +pulling sensation that reacts to hot... READ MORE

Why would I have an increased sensation of pulling one year after facelift?

I am one year post op from a facelift. The sensation of pulling from in front of my ear to the corner of my mouth on the right side is not subsiding.... READ MORE

DAY 11 - Lower face lift, lateral brow lift, fat transfers - Face looks pulled

Noticing the lower area of eyes seems quite "pulled" to sides of face - maybe doctor was trying to help the puffy bags even though I didn't do the... READ MORE

14 months post op from a facelift - Pulling sensation on the right side. Is there any treatment?

I have a pulling and burning sensation on my right side. I went to a neurologist who put me on Lyrica. That is not helping. Is there anything else... READ MORE

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