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What Can I Do About my Very Uneven Face?

The whole left side is lower than the right side. from the eyes nostrols to the lips even. I have used fillers to try to even out my lips. I am... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have Another Facelift Seven Years After?

I'm 65 years old and had a facelift seven years ago that I was delighted with. I'm beginning now to see the need for perhaps another minor procedure... READ MORE

Swelling and Red Lines After Multiple Procedures

I had Facelift,Cheek Lift, Lip Lift, Blepharoplasty, and Rhinoplasty 5 months ago. Have normal numbness around ears and jawbone. Happy with results... READ MORE

How to Help Nerve Damage After Mid Facelift?

I had a mid face lift about 5 years ago and unfortunately was left with muscle/nerve damage near my nose which affects my nostrils. What might improve... READ MORE

Saggy Cheeks and Nose?

My cheeks and nose sag a lot when i bend over or when i am lying on my back, i am 30 years old and it has been like this since i was about 16. I don't... READ MORE

Planning on having a facelift in 2015. Dr suggested removing the fat pads by my nose. Do you think it's necessary? (photo)

I'm 58 and had two previous blepharoplasties . Upper and lower. The second surgery was three years ago to fix the problems with the first bleph. Will... READ MORE

Is a full face lift a requirement? Or are simpler, less invasive options available? (photos)

I just turned 50 and lost 30 lbs about 6 mos ago. I have dog bite scars and rhinophyma. I've seen some before/after pics for CO2 lasers working... READ MORE

My Face is Looking Wrong, What Can I do to Fix it? (photo)

Teeth gap. lips are weird,twisted nose,eye bigger than the other one. my nose is crookedmy upper lip is not equal.sometimes i feel i have bigger... READ MORE

My face is so uneven. What should I do? (Phtoo)

It is like the right side of my face is from my father and the left one from my mother. Different forehead sides, different sculp and backhead,... READ MORE

What do I need to do to to go from my face, to this other face? (photos)

What exactly do I need to achieve this exact face in terms of eyes eyebrows and cheeks READ MORE

What surgery what you recommend to fix my face, teeth and jaw? (Photo)

I have been interested in surgery for a while now and curious to what surgeries that would help my face look better, example my jaw, chin, nose, teeth READ MORE

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