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Lack of Mouth Movement, Unable to Blink or Pucker: All Results of Facelift?

26 days after mid face lift, I have a knot 1 inch in front of rt ear size of small marble.Upper mouth won't move, can't suck or pucker or say... READ MORE

Facial Numbness After Neck/Lower Face/Mid Face Lift, Chin Implant and Jawline Lipo?

4/04/12 (21 days ago) I had a Neck Lift w/jawline lipo, Lower face lift w/Chin Implant, and Mid Face Lift. I cannot feel anything on the left side of... READ MORE

Volume loss, facelift and scar tissue. Juvederm voluma or fat transfer? (photo)

4 .5 months post op. i had some volume loss in the temple and cheek area after a surgery that required a deep plane facelift technique to remove... READ MORE

Very limited neck movement! Face/Neck Lift, 3 1/2 weeks post-op (Photos)

Can't lift head up or hold normally, limited side-to-side motion. Causing pain in neck, shoulders & back. When drains removed (Ouch!) immediately had... READ MORE

2 Years Post Facelift and Chin Implant and Have Muscle Pain and Movement Issues?

I had a face lift with a chin implant almost two years ago. I have seen my board certified Plastic Surgeon with these concerns: very tight muscle pain... READ MORE

Mini Face Lift Done 11 Dec 2013 - When Will I be Able to Feel My Ears Again?

1. By when will i get the feeling back in my ears. 2. When will I be able to move my head normally - at the moment it looks like i have a spasma in my... READ MORE

21 days post op, my ride side has issue. My eyelid and lips has limited movements. Is this normal?

21 days post-op mid-facelift w/fat Xfer. Limited eyelid movement (ie, right eye: can’t blink & lid won’t fully close (injury to Buccal Branches?).... READ MORE

I have excessive blinking after full face lift. Is this normal?

I had a full face lift six months ago including eyes and brow lift. I am blinking excessively and as it gets worse I tend to make facial movements. My... READ MORE

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