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Macs Facelift Cost?

Comparing cost of Macs Facelift.In UK -£6000, in Wellnesskliniek, Belgium €4000 but at Dr Patrick Tonnard's,Belgium its €20,000(Costs inclusive... READ MORE

How To Dissolve Subcutaneous Suture Contactions 2 Months Post MACS Lift?

After 2 month i still have dimples due to subcutan sutur contraction. can i make the healing process quicker? is there a method to help to dissolve... READ MORE

3 Weeks After Macs Lift I Have Several Dimples Under my Skin What Could It Be? (photo)

3 weeks after macs lift i have several dimples under my skin what could it be? on both sides. could it be still water or something is not going all... READ MORE

Can I Have a MACS Lift After Having a SMAS Lift?

About six months ago I had a SMAS lift which resulted in more overall laxness, asymmetry and a loss of definition in my cheekbones. My doctor called... READ MORE

Non-surgical Removal of Scar Tissue?

I had a Macs face lift performed June 2010 and a second surgery performed July 2011 to tighten the neck area. (very happy with the results). I do have... READ MORE

Treatments Before and After MACS Face Lift and Blepharoplasty

A beautician is recommending I undertake a series of cosmetic non-surgical treatments (laser and chemical peels) in the weeks leading up to my MACS... READ MORE

Need a Redo After MACS Face Lift Jowls Not Lifted? (photo)

I had a macs face lift six months ago.I have healed well but my chin is not defined.My surgeon would llke to redo in order to lift the jowl and... READ MORE

Is There a Serious Risk of Cheek Bumpiness After a MACS Facelift?

I am seriously considering having a MACS facelift. I had a full facelift 7 years ago and one cheek remained bruised for a long time, so I know that I... READ MORE

7 Weeks Post Op and Very Disappointed With MACS Facelift?

I had a macs facelift, upper and lower eye lift and fat transfer to cheeks. Wrinkles reappearing under my eyes and cheeks look like they are sagging... READ MORE

Options for Deeper Face Lifts?

I found the right surgeon who fully qualified, with twenty five years experience. The only trouble is, he only offers the MACS and PSP lifts, but I... READ MORE

Hard Asymetrical Swelling After MASC Lift Could It Be Deep Hematoma?

I am 7 days post-op MACS lift,my PS removed the bandages yesterday and i finished a course of antibiotics as of lastnight my PS said that my stitches... READ MORE

When Will I See the Final Result of a Macs Face Lift? (photo)

Had a macs face lift six weeks ago. I had a good recovery as I am healthy and a non smoker.i researched and chose a well reputed surgeon.I am... READ MORE

My MACS Incision is Not Healed and I Am Almost 4 Weeks Post-op? (photo)

My ps salid it will be fine. She told me to clean twice a day with Q tip and Peroxide and then cover with Bacitracin Zinc. I have been following this... READ MORE

Uneven Surface After Macs Lift? (photo)

After more than 7 months of a macs lift i have several significal dimples on my cheeks. no improvement. my doctor has no idea how to resolve the... READ MORE

Will I Need Fillers After Macs Face Lift Due to Uneven Jaw Line? (photo)

I had a macs face lift three months ago .I also had fat grafting to both cheeks as I had a thin face Unfortunately the fat just disappeared as my... READ MORE

Nerve Damage After MACS Facelift 15 Months Ago?

I have nerve damage on my left side of my upper lip when I talk and when I smile. When you look at me at rest I look perfectly fine. My main problem... READ MORE

Macs Facelift Problem?

I had a modified macs facelift 3months ago but still have bruising on my cheeks and bunching under the skin.. Will it go? Also when I speak my mouth... READ MORE

I Had MACS FACELIFT but my Left Earlobe Look Depressing? (photo)

I had a face & neck lift in December 2012. The position of my earlobe has changed. Time pass and it get worst. My left earlobe is very stretched... READ MORE

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