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Dimpling and lumpiness after deep plane face lift with filler removal (Photo)

5 weeks post op. deep plane facelift 5 weeks ago. i have dimpling when i smile (internal scarring from hematomas i developed on both side of cheeks).... READ MORE

What is normal scarring in front and behind you ear after a mini facelift?

What is a normal amount of scarring in front of the ears from a mini facelift? How long should it take to heal? Are lumpy scars behind the ear lobe... READ MORE

One month ago I had Facelift with Fat Transfer. Will this banding eventually go away or will I need a revision?

My PS says the ropey band and the hard and lumpy area under my chin will all resolve and be patient. During my 30 day checkup I reported that my lower... READ MORE

I am 2 yrs po facelift. Under chin is hard and lumpy. Choking with head down. My ps said he doesn't know what is wrong. (Photo)

I am 2 yrs po facelift. Under chin and jaw is still large and hard lumpy. I have has echo on thyroid and there is no prob. My ps is nasty and has said... READ MORE

9 weeks post Facelift with complications. Is it possible to repair my hollow, lumpy cheeks without implants or fillers? (photos)

Too many complications to list - Please see my review & update for all details and photos. Any comments/advice would be greatly appreciated. My... READ MORE

15 days post op Neck & Facelift with Liposuction, I am sore, lumpy, bruised, and swollen on one side. Is this normal? (photos)

I had neck and facelift with liposuction 15 days ago and since the main swelling has gone I have a very sore swollen lumpy area under my jaw that... READ MORE

Lumpiness after facelift to remove permanent filler. Can I camouflage with hyaluronic acid or fat?

I had a deep plane facelift w.filler removal 3 mos ago ( i am young but it was the only way to remove it). hematoma left me with lumps and internal... READ MORE

Will steroid shots really take care of lumpiness in jowls?

Thank you for answering my questions regarding my lumpy post- six week's surgery jowls. Saw my doc this week. He said that I would look much better in... READ MORE

DAY 11 - Lower face lift, lateral brow lift, fat transfers - Face looks pulled

Noticing the lower area of eyes seems quite "pulled" to sides of face - maybe doctor was trying to help the puffy bags even though I didn't do the... READ MORE

Lumpy tender swollen neck 3.5 months after Facelift and Neck Lift and Platysmaplasty (with hematoma)

My neck (under chin) is still an unsightly mess 3.5 months after surgery. When I had stitches removed at 12 days post-op and asked why my neck was so... READ MORE

Day 32 post Fl and NL scars behind ears and in hairline, what should I expect? (Photo)

I needed a lot of tightening, I have a great result at 32 days out. I feel my scars behind my ears and in hairline are obvious and I don't feel... READ MORE

Will my lumpy cheeks settle down?

Hi Everybody! Thanks docs for your answers. My incisions are healed, so I am no longer worried about them. I am now at 5 weeks post-op. I had a neck... READ MORE

Lumpiness under chin after facelift. What advice can you give me in removing the ripples? (Photo)

I had original face lift in Jan 2013, and a revision in Mar 2013. The revision left a scar under my chin with rippling. The PS tried to correct this... READ MORE

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