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Will Numbness Go Away After a Cut to the Forehead?

I recently cut my forehead down to the bone (shape of a backwards C approx. 3"). I have had my stitches removed a few days ago. Cut is healing well,... READ MORE

Can I have a scar revision after mid Facelift? (photos)

Some few years ago I had a mid face lift done. I wanted to tighten up my cheeks which were hanging. To start out with I was satisfied with the result.... READ MORE

How long do I need to wait before having botox after a face lift?

I had a full face lift, with eyes & forehead done as well. I still have crows feet which I have been treating for years successfully with botox... READ MORE

2 years post op, I still have numbness in my face after Facelift. Is this normal?

I had a facelift over 2 years ago. I have numbness in my face, forehead and neck. I have seen a neurologist but he says it is what it is. My problem... READ MORE

My face is so uneven. What should I do? (Phtoo)

It is like the right side of my face is from my father and the left one from my mother. Different forehead sides, different sculp and backhead,... READ MORE

I am 36 years old. Do I need a facelift? (Photo)

My forehead and cheeks are sagging and it makes me look very depressed. I have to constantly hold a more uplifted expression on my face to combat the... READ MORE

What happened? What did he do? Where is my 'lift'? What can I do now? (Photo)

I had a full face, forehead, eye, and lower jaw lift. I was told my forehead & jawline would be smoother and that my eyes would be even and lifted.... READ MORE

Incision 10" made across my hairline on my forehead, but he did not do a lift. (photos)

My brows are in the same place now as before surgery. I confronted the doctor and he admitted that AFTER the incision was made, he decided not to do... READ MORE

Does it take 8 hrs to do face, eyelid, and forehead lift surgery?

A doctor whom I went to have a consultation told me that it will take 8 hours for him to do a face, eye lid and forehead lift surgery. Wow! I will... READ MORE

Day 19 and still stiff. Is this about right? (Photo)

Still stiff and eye a little bloody. Face still feels pulled. Ear numb. It feels the swelling is traveling down my face. Does that seem right? Parts... READ MORE

Why am I not getting better results?

I had a full face, forehead, eye, and lower jaw lift. I was told my forehead & jawline would be smoother and my eyes even and lifted. Dr. Douglas... READ MORE

How much for a full face lift- and forehead lift?

I am a 60 year old woman, considering face lift. My forehead is also in need of a lift. Does a face lift include forehead lift? How much for the whole... READ MORE

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