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Is a Facelift the Only Answer for Marionette Lines and Jowls?

I'm 66 and a happy person. But I look sad because of the lines going down from the corners of my mouth to each side of my chin. I also have little... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have Another Facelift Seven Years After?

I'm 65 years old and had a facelift seven years ago that I was delighted with. I'm beginning now to see the need for perhaps another minor procedure... READ MORE

Is Deep Plane Facelift Safe for a 72 Year Old?

I am 72 and considering a Deep Plane Facelift. I am not overweight, work out every day, but I have what is called unspecified Neutropenia with no... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Repair my Neck/facelift? (photo)

I'm 72. In June, 2012, I had a neck & lower face lift & liposuction on neck. After, there was a lumpy area under my chin. My doctor said to... READ MORE

I Had A Pulmonary Embolism 28 Years Ago. I Am Considering Having a Face Lift. Is There Still a Big Risk?

28 years ago I had a pulmonary embolism. At that time I was a heavy smoker and had traveled a long plane flight while feeling under the weather. I was... READ MORE

10 Months Post-op Facelift. Unable to Involuntarily Blink Right Eye.

This is a follow-up of my previous question here. video of right eye blinking.first 2 voluntary. last one involuntary READ MORE

Neck lift, mini lift, lower face lift, what is the difference? What procedure/s do you suggest for me? (photos)

I had successful long lasting SMAS facelift at age 48. 17 years later, loose skin came back; most distressing is I look sad when I'm not. Never had... READ MORE

How can I be assured I'm getting the best face lift possible?

I don't want to just be refreshed, I'd like to see some real change that turns back the clock. I have noticed that lazer resurfacing does make a major... READ MORE

I Am 74 Years Old and on Bloodthinnners for AF is It Safe to Have a Facelift?

10 years ago I had a facelife which was very successful. I had gone off my blood thinners 5 days previous to the surgery. The plastic surgeon did a... READ MORE

Can You Recommend a Plastic Surgeon for Facelift in New Mexico?

I live in a remote area in new mexico and have been considering a face lift--I'm 66 years old.Can you recommend a good plastic surgeon in the... READ MORE

I'm 68 yrs old. Am I a candiate for a Laser Facelift/ Precision TX? (photos)

I have been told that the time for laser facelift is 40"s & 50"s & that by 60"s results will be minimal due to loss of skin elasticity. I am 68 and... READ MORE

I am 66 years old and I hate the sagging on my neck and jowl area. What treatment do you suggest?

I am not looking for anything to make me look 35, but would like to look 10 years younger.what do you suggest would be good for me. thank you. READ MORE

Is 74-1/2 years too old to have something done? I have wrinkles around lower face and what they call a turkey neck. (Photo)

Have wrinkles around lower face and what they call a turkey neck. Weight is about 102 pounds. Not rich either. Thank you. READ MORE

Why are newer surgery techniques not being used by many doctors in the US and Mexico?

I am 67 years old and considering a full face rejuvenation. With the newer techniques for a face lift that saves the side burns and hair lines, has... READ MORE

65 Y/o Man, 6 Days Post Op of a Face/neck Lift?

I am bruised as expected but is is slowlly resolving. The swelling in my zygoma area is relatively hard. Would it help to gently massage that area (no... READ MORE

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