10 Months Post-op + Facelift

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Am I Having an Allergic Reaction to Long Term PDS and Permanent Sutures Used on my Face Lift Performed 10 Months Ago?

I have had ongoing issues along the areas where sutures were placed for my deep plane facelift. In addition to continued but lessoning swelling and... READ MORE

Can a Face Lift Scar That Was Cut Horizontally, Below the Temple, Be Fixed? (photo)

I had a face lift 10 months ago. Because my plastic surgeon knew I was concerned about losing my hair (it is very thin) - rather than extending the... READ MORE

10 Months Post-op Facelift. Unable to Involuntarily Blink Right Eye.

This is a follow-up of my previous question here. video of right eye blinking.first 2 voluntary. last one involuntary READ MORE

I have a soft lump near the corner of my mouth.

I can push the lump in, but in a short time it fills back in. It also feels like I am popping bubbles in my mouth all the time. I am 10 months post op... READ MORE

Neck Skin Doesn't Look Even Lifted - 10 Months After Face & Neck Lift. Is This a Common Result? (photo)

Ten months after a face & neck lift (no lipo was done), the skin directly under my chin does not look or feel evenly lifted. One side is taunt and... READ MORE

10 Months Post Facelift. Still Have Depressions on Lower Face. Similiar to SMAS Facelift That Was Performed? (photo)

Depressions still under cheekbones (both sides not even). Surgeon unhelpful. No suggestions 2 massage or to do anything (will that help?). It improved... READ MORE

Depressions Under Cheeks 10 Months Post Facelift? (photo)

10 months post facelift. Still have depressions under my cheekbones (both sides, not even, so it looks even more noticeable). My surgeon's comment: "I... READ MORE

Turkey Neck After Expensive Full Neck Lift, What Can I do?

I had a full neck lift in conjunction with a face lift and fat implants.It looks worse than it did before surgery. It has been10 months since my... READ MORE

Ten Months After Facelift Am Unable to Blink Involuntarily in Right Eye, What Would You Recommend?

Ten months after facelift right eye still unable to blink involuntarily.Am using drops and ointment at night since eye does not stay closed at night.... READ MORE

PS took large amount of fat out of my face when he was only suppose to "tighten up" area. What can be done? (photos)

Had wonderful facelift. Started bulging 15 mos postop.. Asked PS to tighten up jowl and when I woke up he stated he had taken ou large amount of... READ MORE

After Lifestyle Facelift I have the sagging, numbness, stinging, itching and burning. What can I do about this? (photos)

I had my surgery in July, 2013. I have the same sagging jowls and neck that I had before the surgery. I have been left with numbness around my face... READ MORE

I have a persistent lump near the corner of my mouth after a facelift 10 month ago? (photo)

Massage does nothing for it. What can I do? I am 10 months post op and have developed this small pouch by the corner of my mouth.  My ps... READ MORE

Will botox tighten up my loose neck on one side?

Had full face and neck lift dec 2013 then just had revision aug 2014 with lipo and cut around my ears and i still have a loose neck on one side .... READ MORE

10 months post op Facelift and Neck Lift. Do I have a "cobra neck" ? (photos)

I had a face and neck lift 10 months ago. My face has improved but the area under my chin looks strange. I feel like I have traded one problem for... READ MORE

Is this the best way to fix the problem? (Photo)

I had a face and neck lift 10 months ago and have some skin laxity under my chin. My plastic surgeon has suggested that he cut out the excess skin. Is... READ MORE

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