Volume Loss + Eyelid Surgery

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Volume Loss Under Eyes and Cheeks. Have Tried Fat Transfer, Restylane, Radiesse With No Results. Other Options? (photo)

I have a dent in the middle of my cheeks and volume loss under my eyes. I am a white 30 year old male 5'5 and 135 lb. I have tried fat transfer... READ MORE

Recommendation For Loose Eyelid Skin and Volume Loss for 25 Year Old? Lower Blepharoplasty? Pinch & Peel? (photo)

I'm 25 and I already have loose and sagging eyelids. I've tried laser treatments twice, botox, and fillers but nothing seems to help. My eyes... READ MORE

Do I Nead Lower Eyelid Surgery or am I Losing Cheek Volume?

Hello to all:)' I have a kind bumps or shadow in my under eyelid in both of my eyes.When im tiread you can see better or when i have makeup on..I... READ MORE

Can Massaging Burst the Fat Capsules in Subcutaneous Tissue?

I have been doing massages around the eye area for a few months and have noticed they have become a little lee plump and fatty. Could the massaging... READ MORE

What procedure would you recommend for Fat grafting for cheeks and eyes? (photos)

Hi there I'm a 34yr old female booked in to have fat transfer to correct some loss in cheek volume and to help with my hereditary eye bags that have... READ MORE

Middlelife changes? I have been noticing more undereye hollows, loss of volume in my cheeks and sagging around mouth.

I am almost 45 and i would like some advice how to improve and soften the aging face. there are also few wrinkles around my eyes. would fillers work... READ MORE

40 Yo, eyelid surgery, brow lift or both? (Photo)

I am 40, and look tired even if Im not, wanted eye lid surgery for a long time but now not sure if I need eye lid surgery, brow lift or both?feels a... READ MORE

Best way to treat tear trough and non surgical face re-volume?

I have tear trough bags and slightly droopy upper eyelids. I have facial volume loss. READ MORE

Unhappy with eye lift results. What can I do? (Photo)

I'm looking for some guidance b/c I had transcu bleph and I am not happy. Eyes still asymmetric, mid face looks flat. Vision in left eye a little... READ MORE

Are transconjunctival blepharoplasty and fat transfer the best options for me? (photos)

I´m a 39 years old woman. As you can see in the pictures, I´ve this bags under my eyes, and some places under my eyes that look hollow. Also over... READ MORE

Any alternative options beside Botox or fillers to lift up my upper eyelid folds? (photos)

Any alternative options beside botox or fillers to lift up my upper eyelid folds?!? I'm not ready for surgery. Due to volume lose,this cause the... READ MORE

I have sunken eyes due to eyelids surgery. What can be done to fix this ? (photos)

What can be done to fix this ? My eyes are very sunken I have lost a lot of upper volume and am so sunken and hollow under eye and temple region. I... READ MORE

Lower eye blepharoplasty first of November 2013. Still have a bump from it under my eye, and need advice on next step. (Photo)

This really bothers me as it looks like an injury (blister) -there is no pain. I have stated on here that I am not happy with results of my total... READ MORE

I have loss of volume on eyelid when I get anxiety. Medical test done and say I am healthy.

1 eyelid lose volume when i get a anxiety,and when i dont sleep,got medical test done and neurologist think is due anxiety that my eyeball swallen, I... READ MORE

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