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Upper Eyelid Scarring - Possible Revision / Treatment?

Hello, I have a few recent scars of about three weeks now. I know that I must give it a lot more time, but I am concerned more about the scar tissue... READ MORE

Bruising Under Eyes Weeks After Surgery. What's the Cause? How To Treat Bruising?

Had upper eyelid surgery weeks ago and lots of bruising under syes still exixts. why and what treatment can resolve this READ MORE

Watery, Swollen Eyes After Lower Eyelid Bleroplasty

I had surgery one week ago and my eyes have watered ever since. On day 6 the right eye began looking as though it has some kind of watery bulge to it... READ MORE

What Eyelid Surgery Procedures Help Bulging Eyes Due to Graves' Disease?

It is fairly typical that one surgery proves effective for correcting bulging eyes due to Graves' Disease? What medications are needed after the... READ MORE

Indentation After Upper and Lower Blephoroplasty. Causes? How to Fix? (photo)

After an upper and lower blephoroplasty, the area between the inner canthus and the upper bridge of my nose is noticeably indented on both sides.The... READ MORE

Blurry Vision After Double Eyelid Surgery

Vision still blurry at 8 weeks post op. Light sensitivity, eye pain and dry eye. Right eye feels like there is something in it. Astigmatism inc from... READ MORE

Why do I have fat left after left under eye blepharoplasty? (Photo)

I had blepharoplasty in left eye for fat removal caused by fat transfer has been 6 weeks but still i have some swelling and lump ..i am... READ MORE

Why are my eyes so different? (Photo)

Im 16 and I really want to know why my eyes are so different, and what can I do to change it? READ MORE

What is the treatment for lagophthalmos due to overly aggressive eyelid surgery?

Back in 2006 I had upper eyelid surgery performed while traveling overseas, this surgery was not on the agenda, but it happened.Being that todays... READ MORE

Lumps and bumps of Blepharoplasty ?

It's been about 2-3 months I got a upper blepharoplasty and I have still lumps and bumps along the incision line. I have been putting rubbing alcohol... READ MORE

4 Years after Temporary fillers - Do I need surgery to correct? (Photo)

Dear Dr.s Greetings I am 23 years old before 4 years I had this black circles under my eyes. Also the also the area under my eye was sag so I went to... READ MORE

Are there any treatments besides allowing time to pass that will erase hemosiderin deposits from below my eyes? (photo)

The last of my bruises from lower-lid surgery suddenly turned brown and were joined by dark circles below each eye after about an hour bike ride in... READ MORE

What treatments are there for a sagging lower eyelids and are there preventative treatments?

I am 19 and I know its early to think about this but I was wondering what can be done about eyelid drooping due to age. It looks pretty annoying to... READ MORE

Trauma to my left eye. It is now asymmetrical. Smaller, lower, more swollen than the right eye. What needs to be done? (Photo)

Especially when I look upwards, the left eye isn't centered properly. It's a bit lateral. I already had a blepharoplasty, didn't really do any good... READ MORE

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