Time Off Work + Eyelid Surgery

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Due to Have Upper Blepharoplasty with Facial Fat Transfer in 6 Weeks. Recommended Time off Work?

Im just abit concerned the swelling and brusing as have not told anyone at work or family so having to hide away only my husband knows. I have taken 2... READ MORE

Looking for Seattle Area Bleph Revision Specialist and Temporary Fix? (photo)

I had an upper and lower bleph back in Dec of 2011. I was happy with the work on the upper lids, but not the lowers. I had a revision done by another... READ MORE

Recovery Time?

Also when will I see the final result and will I be fine to do my cashier job 1 or 2 weeks after? Does smeone have to drive home or can I? I'm 19 READ MORE

Bad eye lift, doc tells me to massage eyebrows this isn't working, they are puckered and pinched?

The doctor told me in the consultantion, I would have 2 small hair line incsions lifting the corners and brow area, he stated I would never need to... READ MORE

Want blepharoplasty and eyebrow lift while out with (VSG). Do I need to lose weight first or will it matter?

I spoke with a physician about having blepharoplasty and eyebrow lift while I was out with gastric surgery(VSG). He didn't have a problem doing the... READ MORE

How much time should I take off?

I have made the decision to get upper blepharoplasty for my hooded eyes, I'm young and healthy, but they've always bothered me especially since they... READ MORE

Will I be able to drive in 3-4 days after a Blepharoplasty?

On my consult for a Blepharoplasty the Dr said I would be able to drive in 3 days. Looking at some of the pictures and reading the testimony's on here... READ MORE

How much bruising and swelling can I expect after upper eyelid surgery?

I'm Hispanic with light complexion and planning to have upper eyelid surgery. I'm wondering how much bruising and swelling to expect. I'm taking two... READ MORE

Eyelid surgery recovery time - how long until you recommend going back to work

How long generally until the stitches won't be noticeable and swelling goes down? READ MORE

How long does it take to heal after upper eyelid surgery?

My mother had the same situation; "hood eye" is what they called it. I suffer from the same thing. My upper lid is starting to droop over my... READ MORE

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