Thin + Eyelid Surgery

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What Can I Do to Get Weight Gain Under Eyes?

I have very dark circles with extreme thinning under my eyes and have gained 35 lbs. in last 3 months but there is no change anything besides surgery... READ MORE

Lower Eyelid Skin Thin and Sensitive After Blepharoplasty

I had Fraxel treatments: twice on full face and 5 times around eyes, then decided to have Trans-Blepharoplasty surgery with CO2 laser at 39 years old.... READ MORE

Blepharoplasty to Tighten Fragile Cheeks Skin?

I'm 26 and when I was a teenager I was stricken by an aggressive rash that covered my entire body. After many diagnoses, the only thing that helped... READ MORE

How Would Blepharoplasty Affect Thin Face?

I had my upper & lower eyelids done 9 yrs. ago. I am now looking at neck and facial surgery at the age of 61. I feel that a brow lift would... READ MORE

Could I somehow get my eye shape more tilted upwards? Eyelid surgery? Facelift / skin tightening? (photos)

As you see below, one of the pictures is me relaxing my eyes. They droop real low. The other picture is me pulling them up (which I usually try to do... READ MORE

Can I benefit from an Eyelid surgery? (photos)

Hello, I am an 18 year old female. My eyes are naturally hooded and very thin. I as well find that my eyes are droopy. I was wondering if there was... READ MORE

I have puffy upper eyelids and thin lower eyelids. How can I make my upper eyelids thin and attached to the bone and eye ball?

I'm a 28 years old male and I have always had puffy upper eyelids. It is worst when I wake up and it gets less puffy during the day, also I notice... READ MORE

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