Tear + Eyelid Surgery

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How Long Does Dry Eye Last After Eyelid Revision?

About 7 months ago I had double eyelid surgery.4 months later I went with the same surgeon for a revision for some eyelid ptosis (levator resection).... READ MORE

Tear Build Up 1 Month After Bletharplasty- Blocked Tear Duct?

I had upper and lower bletharplasty done approx 4 weeks ago. Right after procedure I noticed that tears were accumulation in the corner of my right... READ MORE

Tear Production After Lower Blepharoplasty

Does tear production levels usually go back to normal after any type of eyelid surgery, such as upper bleph, levator resection, or a combination of... READ MORE

I Am 3 Weeks Post Ptosis. Why Is My Lower Eye Lid is Getting Swollen Every Morning & then Dissapear? (photo)

Every morning when i get up there is swelling of my lower eye lid with lots & lots of lacrimation during sleep [from 2 days continuously now ]..... READ MORE

I'm 3 Weeks Post Op from Bleph Both Up & Down, Now It's Tearing Continually, is This Normal?

My right eye is just pouring tears 24/7 for last 2 weeks, it's very hard to see , blurry all the time. I have already been checked by my PS and my... READ MORE

I'm 48 years old woman. 3 years post op, I can't close my eyes. It is still tight, red, and swollen. Is this normal?

I had upper eyelid surgery 3 years ago. My eyes still can't close at night. My eyelids are still tight, red and swollen. Schirmers test shows 00mm at... READ MORE

I want to know if the left lower lid malposition and tearing can resolve without a new surgical procedure? (Photo)

I had blepharoplasty two weeks ago, this is how my eyes look like. I´m concerned about my left inferior eyelid, it´s position and tearing. I was... READ MORE

Constant tears coming after eyelid surgery. What would be the reasoning for this?

My wife has the eyelid surgery for over three weeks. She still have some bruise on her right upper eyelid, and tears keep coming from both eyes when... READ MORE

Is there any doctor out there that doesn't charge that much for tear bags? (Photo)

I was wondering, I really want tear bags because I love big eyes. Is there any doctor out there that doesn't charge that much for tear bags? & could... READ MORE

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