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Likelihood of Hering's Law After Ptsosis Surgery on One Eye

What is likelihood of experiencing hering's law of equal inervation after ptsosis surgery on one eye? That is, having the alternate eylide droop... READ MORE

Repairing an Ectropion, What Techniques Are Used?

How does the Surgeon determine what type of procedure is needed to repair an ectropion? Before the surgery, during, or after? How is symetry... READ MORE

Do You Have the Same Amount of Fat and Tissues in Both Eyelids?

Can one upper eyelid under the brow feel thicker in fat and tissue than the other? or should they both be symmetrical? READ MORE

I have uneven eyelids, eyes, brows? What's happening and why so fast when i'm so young? (photo)

Over the last two years, my eyes have changed quite dramatically. (Orbital scan in 2012 was normal so I seem healthy other than allergy problems/eye... READ MORE

​Can I make my right eye symmetrical with my left eye? (photo)

I've always noticed the right eye always looked different from my left eye. My right eye is more closed. I really want my right eye (in the picture)... READ MORE

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