Sun Exposure + Eyelid Surgery

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Incision/Scar Line from Upper Blepharoplasty and the Sun?

How long should one avoid direct sunlight regarding the incisions/scar line after having Upper Blepharoplasty. Thank you for your time! READ MORE

Is There a 'Good' Time of Year for Eyelid Surgery? I Live in the Sun Belt of Calif

Is There a 'Good' Time of Year for Eyelid Surgery? I Live in the Sun Belt of Calif READ MORE

Can dry eyes cause Pinguecula Bumps

Do dry eyes cause Pinguecula bumps in the eyes? I am not in the sun often as I heard that causes the bumps. How can I prevent future Pinguecula bumps?... READ MORE

What is considered dangerous sun exposure after blepharoplasty?

I have plans to go on vacation to southeast asia which is extremely hot and sunny and was wondering how this would affect my eyelid recovery. READ MORE

Do i need to avoid the sun pre-lower Blepharoplasty and skin pinch procedure?

I have booked the surgery date but the week before i will be exposing to sun at the beach. Also i would like to know if Lower Blepharoplasty alone... READ MORE

Is it ok to have blepharoplasty with nose and chin implant revisions all together?

Planning a blepharoplasty, revision rhinoplasty & chin implant at the same time. Had rhinoplasty & chin implant 17 years ago. Chin implant was too big... READ MORE

Ptosis in left eye but also irritation... What could have caused this?

I already know I have ptosis in my left eye and it is acquired ptosis which I found out through photos. But my left eye is painful as well. And the... READ MORE

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