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Squinting Eyes when I Smile? (Lower Eyelid Slants) (photo)

(Age 18 male) I've noticed that when I smile, my lower eyelid comes up a lot, & I don't like this. I'm not sure if it's "squinting" exactly but... READ MORE

Need More Skin Tightening After Lower Eyelid Surgery

Had a LB to remove a little fat and tighten skin. I hated the way my eyes crinkled and looked crepey when I smiled. They look great now non-smiling,... READ MORE

Can anything be done to improve my small, squinty eyes? (photos)

18 year old caucasian girl with small eyesHave had very squinty eyes all my life. Also have eye bags which I can not get rid of and make my eyes look... READ MORE

Tear Trough Hollows Appear Worse After Lower Bleph, No Results With Lip Lift; What Are My Options? (photo)

Hi, i had lower eyelid surgery 6 weeks ago. my doctor repositioned the fat and remove the excess skin also treated festoons. as the swelling gone down... READ MORE

Can Botox Injection Blepharospasm Cause Upper Lid to Droop, Affecting Smile?

Can the botox injection for blepharospasm cause your upper lip to droop, thus affecting your smile? I don't have a picture, sorry. READ MORE

Phenol peel or laser resurfacing for sagging lower eyelids? (Photo)

Hi i am a 44 yo man and i would to know what would be the most efficient way to improve the appearance of my lower eyelids which start having many... READ MORE

Would upper and lower bleph yield fantastic results for my problem of excess skin/bags and darkness under my eyes? (Photo)

First picture is not smiling and the second is smiling with all the excess skin under my eyes and on top. Help!!! Can you guess my age? READ MORE

What should I do about my eyes? (photos)

Hi. I'm in my lower 40s, and feel like I don't look as good as I can. ESPECIALLY my eyes, which are lately hollow and when I smile the whole think... READ MORE

Can my uneven face be fixed? (photo)

My eyebrows, eyelids and smile are all uneven. I am 22. Is there anything that can be done? READ MORE

I wanted to know how to fix my eyes? One eye is higher than the other. Is there treatment without surgery? (photos)

People don't notice it. I don't notice it when looking at the mirror either. Once I take a picture, however, it becomes fairly obvious. I can fix it... READ MORE

Post-op Rhinoplasty, Chin Implant and Bleph - Will I Ever Get my Facial Expressions and Smile Back?

I had a rhinoplasty, chin implant and my eyes done. I finally have my face expressions back but my smile is not the same anymore. Will I ever smile... READ MORE

Asymmetrical eyes: My right eye is smaller than my left, seems to have gotten worse with time, what could be causing it? (photo)

I've been noticing in photos that my right eye seems to squint more than my right, which is especially noticeable when I smile. Recently, a family... READ MORE

Why are my eyes different sizes when is smile? (photos)

I've noticed for a few years now that my eyes look different from one another when I smile; however it's becoming so much worse. Every time I smile I... READ MORE

Would blepharoplasty help solve my problem? (Photo)

When i smile my lower eyelids "bunch up", my eyes tend to look really small, is there any way to fix this? I have attached a picture(not me) to show... READ MORE

Is There Any Way to Make my Eyes Even Without Surgery? and is There Any Scientific Reasoning Behind It? (photo)

My eyes are quite uneven. It's even more noticeable every time I smile. I don't like it at all and it's been bothering me for a long time now. I can... READ MORE

5 weeks after lower Blepharoplasty. Should I worry about my lid lags and visible incisions? (photos)

I've had lower blepharoplasty 5 weeks ago. I am starting to worry about the visible incisions under my lower lids as well as the lid lags of both the... READ MORE

I have a crease under both eyes. Am I too young for wrinkles? How can I treat them and what causes them? (Photo)

Can you please tell me what causes there can be for this crease and how to get rid of it preferably using natural methods but if you can recommend... READ MORE

Will Cheek Implants and Blepharoplasty Greatly Affect my Smile?

I had cheek implants with blepharoplasty. My surgeon went through the inside of my lids and outside whereI had dissolvable stitches. I can hardly even... READ MORE

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