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Right Eye is Smaller Than my Left - How Should I Correct This?(photo)

My right eye has always looked smaller than my left. What would be the best way to correct this or just make them look even. I'm 30 years old. READ MORE

Is There a Surgery to Make Your Eyes Smaller?

I don't like my eyes because I think they are too big. They remind me of bug eyes. Is there a surgery to change the whole shape of my eyes and make... READ MORE

Is There a Way to Make my Eyelids Smaller?

I have rather large eyelids with almond eyes, a look I don't like. I would rather have more catlike eyes. READ MORE

Eyes Are Smaller After Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty

I am two months post opp, but the thing that worries me is my eyes apear to be much smaller than they were.. my right eye is even smaller than my left... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Make My Eyes Smaller?

I want to have small eyes. I think I have medium eyes, but most of people say that my eyes are big. And I need to have small eyes. Is it possible? I... READ MORE

Operation to Makes Eyes That Pop Out Smaller?

I have a big eyes and im so mad when sumone will tell me i looked like gold fish! is there any possibility to makes my eyes smaller like lifting the... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Alter Eye Shape by Making Them Appear Smaller?

I have big doe-eyes which look fine on women and children, but not as a guy. I was wondering if there is any way to raise the lower eyelids so that... READ MORE

Lower Eyelid Correction? (photo)

Hello all! I would really appreciate your advice. Both my upper and lower eyelids seem to be big. This shows specially when I smile, squint, look up,... READ MORE

Can I Change my Eye Shape to Make Them Look Less Tired? (photo)

I've been doing a lot of research regarding blepharoplasty and I have yet to come upon someone who has changed their eye shape, thus begging the... READ MORE

Correction of an Over-done Canthoplasty?

After a canthoplasty, my eyes are asymmetric and much smaller. By this procedure, my upper eyelids were also pulled down at the outer corners. Is... READ MORE

Recent Muellerectomy, My Eye Looks Smaller, Is This Due To Swelling?

About a week ago I had a Muellerectomy on my left upper eyelid to correct some drooping. It's healed well as far as bruising and pain. The... READ MORE

I'm a 19 year old female, and want to get a procedure done to make my eyes smaller. (Photo)

I want my eyes to be smaller and more elongated. The thing is, I do not want to go under the knife. If there an alternate? Like dermal fillers? READ MORE

Would I benefit from a upper and lower eyelid lift? Will a lower lid lift make my eyes appear smaller? (Photo)

I think my upper lids would benefit but not quite sure of my lower. I certainly do not want my eyes to appear any smaller then they are. I've read on... READ MORE

What can be done to decrease/eliminate upper eyelid exposure? (photo)

I suffer from severely over exposed upper lids and I would like to decrease this look as much as possible. In the 1st picture (normal) my upper lids... READ MORE

Upper Eyelid Lift Questions?

What are some of the causes during an upper eyelid lift would make the eyes to be smaller in shape? Can this have any thing to do with the obicularis... READ MORE

Can my recent surgery be repaired? (Photo)

Im 43 years old...Its been 2 months since I Have blepharoplasty surgery..and one eyelid goes to a complete triangular point...a well as the underskin... READ MORE

Why is my right eye smaller than my left eye? Can this be caused by a serious problem?

I had surgery for myopia when i was 13 which was 4 years ago and I've noticed my right eye is smaller than my left eye. did the surgery have anything... READ MORE

Surgery to make eyes smaller? (photos)

Are there any techniques to make the eyes smaller? I've always had big eyes (not thyroid disease). I don't think large eyes are very flattering on... READ MORE

26, Would Like Smaller Eyes?

I’m 26 and I want my eyes to be smaller. My eyes become squinty when I cry (they look slightly swollen/almond shaped and I think you can see more of... READ MORE

How long does my eye take to heal after ptosis surgery?

Hey I had ptosis and canthoplasty surgery 12 days ago on my left eye, my left eye is smaller than my right eye is this normal? My upper eye lid looks... READ MORE

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