Retraction + Eyelid Surgery

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Lower Lid Retraction Immediately After Eye Surgery, is This Normal? (photo)

It has only been 6 days since my lower eyelid surgery to remove excess skin under my eyes, but I noticed right after surgery (like 2 minutes) my left... READ MORE

4 Months After Upper and Lower Eye Surgery, Dry Eye is Really Bad. Will It Get Any Better? (photo)

Eyes are also not closing fully. Had upper + lower eye surgery w/ fat transfer + ptosis repair - now my right lower lid is lower than my left. Dr.... READ MORE

Ectropian and Retraction Post-Blepharoplasty...Temporary?

I have just seen my PS for a 1 month post op check following a lower blepharoplasty. I raised my concern about a slight ectropian on the rims of both... READ MORE

Drooping Eyes and Lower Lid Retraction After Upper Blepharoplasty, How is This Possible?

Hello, 30 yr F. Had bilateral upper bleph 6 months ago. 3mm skin removed, no fat or muscle. Before surgery my eyes were big and almond. 2 weeks post... READ MORE

Is Six Months Post Blepharoplasty the Appropriate Time to Address Revisions and Should I Return to Original PS? (photo)

Had upper/lower bleph w/ lower & mid face lift 8 wks ago by respected board certified PS in large city. Eyes are asymmetrical, slight rt lower... READ MORE

Odds of Lower Lid Retraction Resolving Spontaneously? What Does Literature Say About Time Frames, Conservative Measures Etc?

Had lower lid bleph, with outside incisions 12 days ago. One eyelid retracted significantly (5mm) with slight outward 'roll'. Ps initially said... READ MORE

Blepharoplasty Complications After Fat Graft

I had upper and lower blepharoplasty with undereye fat graft.The fat pads were artificially protruding, especially under the left eye and the same... READ MORE

Severe Lower Lid Retraction After a Midface and Lower Blepharoplasty

I had a midface and a lower blepharoplasty 5 months ago. My left midcheek fell and my other eyes is not closing .I feel a tearing pain on my right eye... READ MORE

How Do You Asess 12 Days out if It's Ectropion or Swelling Beneath Lower Lid Causing Retraction?

Post lower blepharoplasty. 12 days out. One eye is great and swollen. The other less swollen and significantly retracted (5mm) with bowing, and slight... READ MORE

What is Normal Recovery from Retraction Repair Surgery for Graves Disease Patients?

I have Graves DIsease and have had my thyroid removed. I had radiation treatment on my eyes and Strabismus surgery on my right eye. On that same eye I... READ MORE

I Had a Skin Pinch Bleph in March 2010. I Have Had 3 Revisional Attempts That Have Left Me with Pain, Asymmetry and Retraction.

I need help. I am not litigational. I just want pain relief and cosmetic improvement. Is there help out there? I've already spent over $30,000... READ MORE

Upper Eyelid Skin Pinch to Correct Symmetry?

I have always had a slightly smaller left eye & after optical surgery was left with a fuller upper lid. I tried to correct this with a bleph &... READ MORE

Is It a Good Idea to Tape the Eyelid Down at Night As Upper Eyelid is Retracting?

Upper eyelid is retracting after surgery am scared it will dry out my eye it also seems to want to go up as i sleep no spacer wasused to keep it down... READ MORE

What Could Cause Outer Eye to Collapse After Upper Bleph?

30 yr F. Went in for mild congenital ptosis of the LEFT eye only. My eyes were pretty and almond. Surgeon suggested ptosis repair for left eye, &... READ MORE

My Upper Eye Lids from the Crease to the Lashes Do Not Retract Back

And look especially large. One eye lid is bigger than the other one. My eyes feel tight. It looks like I am falling asleep. I also have puckered skin... READ MORE

Treatments for Mild Retraction?

I had u/l eyelid surgery last year that resulted in a mild retraction of lower lid. One doctor I consulted suggested "fillers" to improve the... READ MORE

4 weeks post op lower lid retraction, bleth with external incision. (not pulling out) Will retraction get worse? (Photo)

Not sure if this is a skin shortage issue, or a scaring issue. From the centre of the lid to the outside of lid it is very tight and stretched quite... READ MORE

Persistant Upper Eyelid Swelling?

I had fat graft 4 months ago in lower eye lid for retracted lower eyelid . i had prevoius 3 surgeries i still have upper eyelid swelling , its still... READ MORE

If Eyelid Spacer Material Used in Reconstructive Surgery is Removed, Will Eyelid Fall Further? (photo)

I had surgery four months ago to correct lagothalmos and mild retraction. The first picture is the Before picture...the second one is Post-Op four... READ MORE

Release left lower lid retraction surgery on 18 mth old, could massage /additional time correct this to avoid surgery? (photo)

On Oct 31, 2013 they removed some Fibrous Dysplasia bone in my son's Left Maxilla which had also broken thru orbit floor. One incision was under his... READ MORE

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