Red + Eyelid Surgery

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Is The REd Line Showing 6 Days Post Surgery Normal? (photo)

Is The REd Line Showing 6 Days Post Surgery Normal?  READ MORE

1 year post op of blepharoplasty, I have asymmetrical and sunken hollow eyes. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

I had blepharoplasty a year ago that caused asymmetrical and sunken hollows eyes. My PS did fat grafting 4 months ago to correct the hollows and to... READ MORE

Did my Eye Lift 7 Months Ago Cause This? (photo)

I had an upper and lower eye lift seven months ago. Last month a noticed a small hard bump. Now it is larger and turning red. Could this be related to... READ MORE

I had a chalazion removed 1 month ago and I still have a red bump. Is it fade away eventually or is it another chalizion?(photo)

I went for a follow-up with my dr. 2 weeks ago and he said its fine and that its gonna take a while because mine was pretty big but I feel like the... READ MORE

Has been 3 weeks post op eyelid surgery. Should I massage them, apply scar cream/moisturizer, or just leave them alone?

It has been 3 weeks post opt eye lid surgery. My scars are very red and swollen. They look like small worms on my eye lids. Should I massage them,... READ MORE

How Long to Get Rid of Those Red Circles After Lower Blepharoplasty? (photo)

One month after lower blepharoplasty, i still have two red circles in my lower lid. I was taken ecotrin (aspirin) and a stop 6 days before the surgery... READ MORE

How long would Xeragel take to fade my Blepharoplasty scar? (photo)

I'm just wondering how long xeragel would take to change the colour of my eyelid scar from red to a purpley or faint white colour? I know this will... READ MORE

3 weeks post op upper/ lower eyelid & lower facelift. Did I make a huge mistake? Are their people it doesn't work for? (photo)

Week two photos looked good. Just a few days later I seem to be getting worse...eyelids redder and worse looking scars, my neck is now looking like it... READ MORE

Can you tell me if this is a reaction to a stitch or an infection? (photo)

8 weeks ago I had upper eyelid Bleph surgery. Everything healed fine and then I felt a small hard nodule that stung a little to touch. I could feel it... READ MORE

I had upper eyelid surgery exactly one month ago. One of my eyes has a bump on the incision line. Is this normal?

My eyelids are still red but my main concern is that one has a bump on the incision line. I hope that could still resolve and is not a scar. I know... READ MORE

I have swollen eyelid & red bump on incision after ptosis & blepharoplasty surgery. Is this normal? (photos)

I've had ptosis surgery after my blepharoplasty surgery. My dr recommonded it due to my droopy eyelid & swelling that wouldn't subside after my intial... READ MORE

11 days post op, will these suture line after lower bleph fade? (photos)

I had lower bleph surgery 11 days ago, and the stitches were removed 3 days ago. Now I can see a dark (almost black) suture line on my lower eye lash... READ MORE

Can a lid crease be lowered? (Photo)

Post Op day 19. My left eye is still swollen and red, but lid crease seems a bit high. Can this be lowered and/or will it lower after healing. I... READ MORE

Stretched lower eyelid skin post bad tear trough filler treatment. Bleph or laser resurface to tighten? (photo)

I had tear trough filler Sept 2013. Right side fine but left side very lumpy, bruised and red (spider veins now). Filler on left kept migrating,... READ MORE

18 days post op Double Eyelid Surgery, why is my eyelid still swollen and red? (photos)

Im already 18 days post op double eyelid surgery but my eyelid still redness and swollen. im just worry if this already get infected or its a sign of... READ MORE

I had an eyelid lift and laser two and a half weeks ago. My lower eyelids are red. What cream should I use? (Photo)

Under my eyes n top still red n burning ., what cream should I use , ?? It seems to come n go ,, but it's burning READ MORE

17 post op. The incisions are red, and I have skin hang below where my stitches were. Should I be worried? (Photo)

17 days since I had my eye lift , but been worrying all day how they look been for my follow up today 3 month before I go back worried about how my... READ MORE

3 weeks after eyelid surgery - are the scars normal? (Photo)

3 weeks after eyelid surgery - are the scars normal? They feel very thick and are very red and tender. I do not dare wear make- up yet but am back at... READ MORE

I had procedures done on both eyelids.Two months after I developed a hard red lump. Is this normal? (photos)

Both eyes four plus months ago. two months after i developed a hard red lump. what am i dealing with? i seem to be developing one on the other... READ MORE

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