Puffiness + Eyelid Surgery

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Had Lower Skin Pinch Blepharoplasty 5 Days Ago. Eyes Still Very Puffy.

I realize it's only been 5 days and that swelling can take a long time to resolve after lower blepharoplasty. However, I was under the impression... READ MORE

A Month & a Half After my Ptosis Surgery, Still Not Seeing Results. Will I?

I had my 3rd ptosis surgery on Jan 27, my eye was almost correct & you can barely tell but for self esteem issues, I did the 3rd surgery anyways... READ MORE

Candidate For Transconjunctival Blepharoplasty or Restylane Filler? Or I'm to young for this ?

I am 24 years old and suffer from under-eye puffiness. I'm in dire need to correct this situation in order to restore my youth and happiness and not... READ MORE

Blepharoplasty for Puffiness Below Under Eye Area?

I have some puffiness not directly underneath my eyes, but a bit lower. Would this be corrected with Blepharoplasty? I can't seem to find before and... READ MORE

4 Weeks Post Op. Lid Red, Puffy, Inflamed, and Uneven Creases? (photo)

Please give me some advise Doctors. I am very worried and depressed that my eyes is not going to get better. I am not sure if the incision was... READ MORE

Filler or Botox For Puffy, Droopy Eyelids?

Will fillers or botox help with my issue? I'm 44 years old and besides having a natural, puffy, natural eyelid as part of my anatomy the lids are... READ MORE

Is my lower eyelid / cheekbone puffiness to difficult to get rid of with lower eyelid Blepharoplasty? (photos)

I have puffy lower eye lids/ puffiness around cheekbones. The bags look like there's fluid or fat that hangs over and stops at the cheek bone. I would... READ MORE

Swelling/Puffiness After Upper Eyelid-Blepharoplasty-3 Questions?

I'm 53 and had upper eyelid lift about 16 days ago. I had fairly heavy bruising and swelling from the start. I still have marks on the upper cheeks... READ MORE

Tingling Under the Eyes After Blepharoplasty

I had laser bleph 2 weeks ago. Do I use hot/cold compresses to reduce swelling under my eyes? I am also getting tingling under the eyes where the... READ MORE

Can I Use Cold and Warm Compresses for Upper Lids Surgery After 5 Weeks? (photo)

I am using warm compress due to little bumps on my incisions. And cold compress is because the eyes still puffy and red. I just started for the past... READ MORE

3 Years Ago I Had a Pretty Big Chalazion Surgically Removed but my Eye Lid Never Returned to What It Used to Look Like?

It still has a puffy look to it and the skin looks loose. its not reddened. What could this be? READ MORE

Are Incisions for Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery Suppose to Extend over a Half Inch out from the Eye? (photo)

This pictures are 5 weeks post op. My eyelids are still red and puffy and the incisions look bad. I did go back to the surgeon and he put botox in the... READ MORE

Ptosis Surgery - Plastic Surgeon Vs. Ophthalmologist Surgeon?

Hello, I have so called 'bedroom eyes' and under-eye puffiness. In the past two years due to either contact lens usage or age (I'm 45) or hereditary... READ MORE

Lower Eyelid Injection or Surgery? (photo)

Hi dr please i would like to know you advice for my case . i have bags and puffiness under my eyes since i was 15 years and now i want to get rid of... READ MORE

What Can You Do to Reduce the Thickness and Puffiness of Asian Eyelids?

Is muscle removed? If so, will it have a negative impact on the eyelid's function? READ MORE

Bleph or Fillers For Dark Circles, Fine Lines and Puffiness Under Eyes? (photo)

I am seriously considering a consult for Blepharplasty this week after years of HATING my under eye area. I have circles and fine wrinkles and... READ MORE

29 yr old female considering lower eyelid blepharoplasty. Am I a candidate? Is there an alternative/superior solution? (photos)

I have significant under eye puffiness/bags/creases/discoloration. I inherited these unfortunate physical traits, they have been present since birth.... READ MORE

Big Puffiness Kicks in 2 Weeks After Lower Transconjunctival Bleph? (photo)

I had my LTC bleph on June 12. The surgery went great. Not much swelling and bruising . Beside few days when I had dry eyes and soreness, it has been... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for lower blepharoplasty or are my under eye bags from fluid? (Photo)

I have had puffiness since I was 20(now 24). I have cut out alcohol and fast food. I have tried restylane, however it didn't even last a few months. I... READ MORE

Lower Transconjunctival Bleph +/- Filler? Second Opinion? (photo)

I am 35 and am bothered by lower eyelid puffiness. More often, I am having people tell me I look tired when I've had a full night's sleep. I... READ MORE

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