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I Have a Triple Eyelid. Is There Anyway to Fuse All the Folds Together?

My eyelids have more than 3 folds. I like the thickness of it, but sometimes the top layer folds onto the bottom layer, creating a single eyelid. I... READ MORE

What is the best procedure for puffy eyelids? Is the threading eyelid lift technique still used in 2014?

Or what is the best procedure for very puffy eyelids? Is it safer than eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty/brow lift) or Botox? READ MORE

I'm 23 with tired looking eyes - Am I a candidate for Eyelid Surgery? What procedures do you recommend? (photos)

Eyelid surgery? Brow lift? Fat transfer to year troughs?? I am only 23 but I always look tired and older than I am unless I raise my eyebrows and... READ MORE

Would I need ptosis surgery or a brow ridge procedure done? (photo)

I want to make my eyes more attractive and I feel like I could do this by reducing the space between my upper eyelid and my eyebrow. Would this be... READ MORE

What surgery would be performed for upper eyelid bilateral ptosis of the right eye? (photo)

I have been told by severel drs on here following a pic I posted- saying I have upper eyelid ptosis of right eye and also that it's bilateral.... My... READ MORE

Can you transform a certain eye shape to more almond shaped? (Photo)

Is it possible to transform the eyes of person A to eyes of person B with plastic surgery. If so with what peocedures READ MORE

I would like to even out my eyelids, what would be the best procedure? (Photo)

My left eyelid is smaller than my right. The crease line is only a bit lower than my right. I would like for both my crease lines to be the same.... READ MORE

What is the best procedure to fix my eyelids from sagging? (photo)

Do you have to go under with a general anathesia. Can this be done with a neck lift? How long is the recovery and is there a scar? READ MORE

How to eliminate a droopy eyes? which procedure do I need? (photos)

I want to have a relaxed look and the my eyelids is full with my cheek. I thought that I need lower eyelid surgery but I asked one doctor and he said... READ MORE

What are common and uncommon complications that can result from Upper Blepharoplasty?

I read a lot about the term "complications". What is the difference between complications that are a norm to the upper blepharoplasty... READ MORE

Upper Eyelid Revision (photo)

Hallo my name is lee i had a brow lift named after botti each time it didnt work and my eyes looked the same as before what went wrong 2 brow lifts... READ MORE

I don't think I have ptosis but I have uneven overexposed eyelids. What can be done to reduce the amount of upper eyelid showing

I don't think I have ptosis because both of my eyes are showing the correct amount of upper iris. It appears to me that I have an unequal amount... READ MORE

I would like to correct my hooded eyelids and I'm also having Lasik. Which procedure should I do first? (photo)

I look stoned all the time and would like to correct this. I also have a slight abnormality to my right eye. I'm also having Lasik eye surgery to... READ MORE

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