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The Best Solution for Sunken/droopy Eyes? (photo)

I am not sure whether my problem lies within the hollow just under the eye or if the eyelid requires attention as it droops somewhat. I am 35 years... READ MORE

What is More Invasive..a Browlift or Upper Blephroplasty?

Which is more invasive...a browlift or upp blephroplasty? Thanks! READ MORE

What Kind of Surgeon Should I Go to for This?

About 6 years ago I was hit with a baseball on my right eye. Now it is a lot puffier and obviously uneven compared to the left eye. What would be the... READ MORE

Non Invasive Eyelid Procedure for Guy Aged 19? (photo)

Ive got dark circles, along with some fat which makes the eyelid look intensifies when i am looking at the to something above without moving... READ MORE

Non Incisional Double Eyelid Surgery? (photo)

Yesterday when I went to my eyelid surgeon to consult upon performing a non incisional eyelid surgery. He said it is okay to do but he doesn't... READ MORE

I have thin skin under my eyes and too much on my upper eyelids. What can I do to make my eyes look younger? (Photo)

I have very thin skin under my eyes as well as too much skin on my upper eyelids. I am wondering if surgery is necessary to fix this issue or if there... READ MORE

I Had my Noninsicion Eyelid Surgery 1 Year Ago. Can Feel a Prominent Knot Under Skin?

Hi, I had my noninsicion eyelid surgery 1 year ago. When I half close my eyes, I can see a prominence and also feel a knot by hand under my left eye... READ MORE

Hollowness Under Eyes: Non-Invasive Options?

I think this was caused by pulling the area putting contacts in or wearing eyeglasses. I've tried alumna eye laser 3 times and saw no results. I also... READ MORE

Least Invasive fix for uneven/ptosis lids?

Hello, I've had uneven eyelids for as long as I remember. Recently it has really annoyed me and I don't know whether its ptosis or just unfortunate... READ MORE

Red lump at outer corner of non-incisional upper bleph crease (Photo)

My eyelids seemed to heal normally until around mid December, 4 months post-op, when I noticed a small bump on my left eyelid that was becoming bigger... READ MORE

I have some symptoms of Ptosis in both eyes, it feels heavy and as if the lid is lapping. What can correct this? (photos)

I am 27 & a nurse. Would Botox be an appropriate option to make this heavy eyelid "wake up" and make the other one just open a bit more? I do not... READ MORE

Tired eyes: Upper and Lower Bleph or Upper Bleph with CO2 laser to up elasticity and improve wrinkles? (photo)

I have used filler under eyes for years to address a sunken under eye look. Now have dark purple in the tear trough as result of filler. Over past... READ MORE

Why are my eyes droopy and have bags?

Hello doctors , so I have big eyes and they have a lot of meat under them which kinda looks like bags when I squinch my eyes. They are also saggy... READ MORE

I have a mild ptosis on one eye. What would you recommend? (photos)

I have mild ptosis on my left eyelid. I have had it since I was 13 (I'm now 29) and it has stayed the same or perhaps gotten a little bit worse. It... READ MORE

What type of non-invasive surgery can make both eyes even?

I had lower lid eye surgery for hollowness under the eyes (tear trough deformity) several years ago called fat redraping and one of the unfortunate... READ MORE

is there a non invasive approach to correct my bulging eye? (photo)

I've been bothered by this protruding eye since I was a child but due to lack of financial resources, my parents ignore it. Now I have three kids and... READ MORE

Ptosis After Non-incisional Double Eyelid Surgery, 2 Weeks In?

I had the non-incisional double eyelid surgery done in Korea about 2 weeks ago, but my left eye shows sign of ptosis. Is there anything I can do about... READ MORE

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