Muscle + Eyelid Surgery

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Options for Under Eye Bags Caused by Muscle Hypertrophy?

Hi, This has been a problem since I was a little girl, now I'm 40 and want to improve the appearance of my under eye bags, whether it is with surgery... READ MORE

Drooping Lower Eyelids or Scleral Show Due to Cheekbone Structure?

I have droopy lower eyelids ('Sanpaku'/ScleralShow) at 19 years old. Over the past few years, I've had bad sleep patterns (bedtime 'procrastination')... READ MORE

Upper Blepharoplasty After Botox Brow Lifts?

Hi! I am 31 year old female and my upper eyelids have been getting lower. I could see the eyelids in pictures taken about 7 years ago but not anymore.... READ MORE

Lower Blepharoplasty: Tightening and Hardening of the Muscles - is This Normal?

I had Lower Blepharoplasty done 2 weeks ago. My lower lid swelled after the surgery, but it looked perfect the next day until Sunday last week, where... READ MORE

Can an Overly High Eyelid Crease Cause Fatigue in the Eyelid Lifting Muscle?

When I raise my eyebrows,the eyelid crease is a total of 7-8 mm. When at rest, the skin/fat drapes over the eyelid crease making it look about 3-4 mm.... READ MORE

Muscle Damage Due to Blepharoplasty - Can It Be Repaired?

I have a permanent frowning after upper and lower blepharoplasty 11 months ago. I am very concerned about muscle damage. How can this be repaired? I... READ MORE

Can Severed Eyelid Muscles Be Reattached and Repaired?

Can a severed eyelid muscle from a car accident be reattached and repaired so it doesn't droop anymore? READ MORE

One Eyelid Still Droopy After Surgery

I'm one month post op. at two weeks post op one eye felt and looks sleepy/tired. my surgeon said its because that eye muscle is weaker. do i have to... READ MORE

Surgeon Accidentally Cut Levator Muscle During Bleph Revision

Three weeks ago during bletharoplasty revision my plastic surgeon accidently cut my levator muscle. When my eyelid would not open the next day he... READ MORE

Who Can Confirm Upper Bleph Muscle/Nerve Damage?

What type of doctor/specialist can confirm muscle and nerve damage after upper blepharoplasty surgery was performed? Are there any customary tests... READ MORE

Orbital Dystopia and Eyelid Asymmetry - What Are the Consequences?

I have eyelid asymmetry due to my left side of my face having muscles lower than the right. Also, on the left side, the muscles are stronger- when I... READ MORE

Can Eyelid Surgery Strengthen Surrounding Muscles Around the Eye?

Is it possible that my antagonist eyebrow muscles (or eyelid muscles for that matter) became stronger after double eyelid surgery? (or even ptosis... READ MORE

Can You Completely Recover if 2/3 of Muscle and Tendon Removed from Upper Eyelid Bleph? (photo)

Original surgery w ps was June 8 2012 when mishap happened. Oculoplastic surgeon did ptosis repair August 13, 2012. Had fat graft month ago. Still... READ MORE

Does Skin Excision Have to Be Combined With Muscle Manipulation?

Can skin only be done in Upper Blepharoplasty or does muscle (even if a little) always have to accompany the excision of skin? This is based on the... READ MORE

2 Questions Regarding Muscle Damage After Upper Eyelid Lift?

I had an upper eyelid lift about 2.5 months ago I never had dry eyes in my life and now have very dry eyes and my vision has decreased A cornea doctor... READ MORE

Why I can't close my eye or look down after ptosis surgery?

Hello I'm a girl 22 years old I just had a ptosis surgery on my left upper lid The problem is that immediately after the surgery I noticed that I... READ MORE

Desperately need to fix the problem! (photos)

I had ptosis surgery to my right eye, in my first surgery i only had the levator muscle elevated. I had revision surgery 6 months later to remove... READ MORE

I Need Opinions Please. Want to Know if my Surgeon Was Negligent? Or Maybe Even Inexperienced? (photo)

What Would U Have Done? had 3 eyelid surgeries done.the first end of may this yr,and the last 2 end of surgeon was totally confused as to... READ MORE

Bruising Question with Upper Blepharoplasty. Thanks.

Does removing the skin only in an upper blepharoplasty operation typically result in less bruising versus removing/impacting the fat and the muscle? READ MORE

Will a Blepharoplasty fix my malar bags? I'm just wanting to have the fat and / or muscle re-positioned. (photos)

Hi, I asked a similar question prior, I did not upload photos and doctors seemed to want to see some. I am not looking for a temporary fix (fillers,... READ MORE

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