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How Many Times Can Lower Blepharoplasty Be Done?

How many times can lower blepharoplasty be done? Is scar tissue build up going to be a problem with it? READ MORE

Lower Blepharoplasty Revision? (photo)

8 months ago I had an upper and lower blepharoplasty. My surgeon also lifted the outer corners of my lower eyes as they hung below my pupil. He also... READ MORE

Should I Have a Third Ptosis Surgery? (photo)

I have unilateral, congenital ptosis of the right lid. I had two surgeries on the levator muscle at 3 and 25. Each surgery was initially successful,... READ MORE

Is It Risky To Have a 3rd Ptosis Surgery?

I had a levator and mullerectomy surgery, with most recent being 9 months ago and still about 1.5 - 2mm off on the on eye. I know its tough to get it... READ MORE

10 years Ago my Top Left Eyelid Drooped.After 3 Surgeries Yrs. Later It`s the Same, What Else Can I Do? (photo)

10 years ago my upper left eyelid just drooped. I`m a construction worker. I think it happened from having my hardhat leaning down to my eyelid. Over... READ MORE

3 Ptosis Surgeries and Last One Didn't Benefit Me. How to Fix My Issue?

I'm really not going to complain since it could have been worse but I was left with extra skin over my eye lid which resulted in me not having a make... READ MORE

Multiple Procedures at One Time. Second Opinion?

Surgeon recommends gynecomastia surgery be performed at same time as blepharoplasty and fat injection to reduce cost. Is this advisable or should I... READ MORE

I Need Opinions Please. Want to Know if my Surgeon Was Negligent? Or Maybe Even Inexperienced? (photo)

What Would U Have Done? had 3 eyelid surgeries done.the first end of may this yr,and the last 2 end of august.my surgeon was totally confused as to... READ MORE

My Eyes Are Asymmetrical and Deformed Looking. Is This Normal 23 Days Post Op? (photo)

My surgery was 23 days ago. My eyes are uneven. I am worried about my eyes not looking like mine,,which were almond shaped preop. I had upper and... READ MORE

Should I go for a 4th Eyelid surgery (24 years old girl)? (photo)

I had 3 upper eyelid surgeries since the age of 10 when i was child the first surgery was to raise the muscle and remove the excess skin then the... READ MORE

Different Doctors,different Opinions...How Do I Know Who to Listen To?

I had an eyelid op which left me with ptosis.i have had 3 ops by this surgeon.i had a prior question here which got me a cpl different suggestions... READ MORE

Swelling DURING Surgery?

Dear Doctors, There is a growing trend of people undergoing a couple surgeries at once, for eg. eyelid, nose and jaw. Would that be a good idea? Won't... READ MORE

Blepharoplasty & Cataract Surgery

Can an upper blepharoplasty be combined with a cataract surgery by having them done simultaneously? READ MORE

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