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Wearing Makeup After Blepharoplasty or Eyelid Surgery

I had Blepharoplasty 4 days ago, and need to go back to work next week. I have read everywhere that I'm not supposed to wear any eye make up for 2 - 3... READ MORE

I Had Upper Bletharoplasty and Was Healing Well. After Wearing Makeup 2 Nights Ago my Eyelids Have Become Swollen & Red. (photo)

I have since been doing cold compresses to reduce the inflamation but it still persists. Would this be purely a reaction to the makeup or could it be... READ MORE

Healing & makeup on scars 2.5 weeks after blepharoplasty (photos)

It is 2.5 weeks since I had upper and lower blepharoplasty. Overall I am pleased with my scar lines, although they are pink I realise it's early days... READ MORE

How is an Eyelid Surgery Performed?

I'm considering in the future to have Eyelid surgery done. I have really low brow bones which causes me to not really have any space between my eyelid... READ MORE

Is Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery Still Obvious After 2 Weeks? Are Some Patients Able to Successfully Conseal It with Make Up?

I am having upper and lower eyelid surgery in 2 months. I will have 12 days after the surgery to recuperate before I have to go back to work. I'm in... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Laser or blepharoplasty for under eye bags and crepe like skin? (photos)

I'm 34 years old and have had purple/bluish bags under my eyes I was a pre-teen. I've use a lot of different makeup over the years to cover them up... READ MORE

Tired to Using Make up to Create Eye Symmetry? (photo)

Hello Doctors! I have had eye asymmetry since I remember myself and it has always been a problem for me. I learned to use makeup to disguise the... READ MORE

15 days post op, I have scars on the sides of my eyes after upper blepharoplasty. What I can do? (photos)

I have done upper bepharoplasty 15 days ago. I had eyeliner permanent make up but the tip was so thick and high and I wanted to fix this, doctor told... READ MORE

I'm 28 yrs old. What are my options for upper eyelid skin? (photos)

I have always had extra skin on my upper eyelids, but it's becoming more apparent lately. It's difficult to apply eye makeup as the extra skin folds... READ MORE

Is it normal to have some eye asymmetry? (photos)

I feel disheartened when I look at myself in pictures as one eye is smaller than the other. I would love a professional opinion as it makes me feel so... READ MORE

Are saggy lids genetic? (photos)

I am 16. I am in the higher range of normal BMI 's. My droopy lids don't allow me to apply eye makeup or liner. Is this something that could be... READ MORE

Epicanthic fold. How can I recreate it with makeup, glue, tape or something?

I want to have Epicanthic fold i tried to recreate it with with eyelash glue but it didn't gave me the effect i wanted. How can i recreate it with... READ MORE

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