Levator + Eyelid Surgery

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Is It Risky To Have a 3rd Ptosis Surgery?

I had a levator and mullerectomy surgery, with most recent being 9 months ago and still about 1.5 - 2mm off on the on eye. I know its tough to get it... READ MORE

Is Minimally Invasive Ptosis Surgery Common?

I have a slight ptosis, while in the same eye I have a pupil which dilates differently than my other eye (horner syndrome?). Perhaps that info would... READ MORE

Abnormal Eyelid Position After Levator Resection? (photo)

I had a levator resection (L eye) on May 23, 2013. I saw my Dr. 1 week post-op and he had no concerns. In my opinion, it looks over-corrected (more so... READ MORE

Levator Palpebrae Disinsertion After 2-3 Months?

I've developed ptosis of my right eyelid over the past 2 - 3 months. I have keratoconus, had RGPs for 3 yrs. I had intacs put in my left eye in... READ MORE

Desperately need to fix the problem! (photos)

I had ptosis surgery to my right eye, in my first surgery i only had the levator muscle elevated. I had revision surgery 6 months later to remove... READ MORE

I Had Levator Excision 15 Years Ago and Have No Symmetry Can't This Be Fixed?

I suffered from jaw wink syndrome on my left eye. I was prone to receiving horrible comments from others. So age of 10 I made the decision to have... READ MORE

Surgery unsuccessful on one eye. Is revision on same suture line (to attach to levator muscle) safe and too soon? (Photo)

For upper bleph, my Ocuplastic Surgeon removed 3mm of skin then sutured. 2 days later, I was distraught as my left eye's suture was shallow and... READ MORE

Different Doctors,different Opinions...How Do I Know Who to Listen To?

I had an eyelid op which left me with ptosis.i have had 3 ops by this surgeon.i had a prior question here which got me a cpl different suggestions... READ MORE

Possible levator damage following upper blepharoplasty?

2 wks post minor revision to a 12-year-old upper bleph to reduce lateral hooding in one eye. Now completely unable to raise the lid and can't blink... READ MORE

Possible outcomes of levator recession procedure?

I have a retracted upper eyelid due to scarring (reconstructive surgery to left eye) and have hardly any muscle function although I can still blink, I... READ MORE

Is my congenital ptosis surgery reversible?

I am 19 years old and had congenital ptosis in my left eye (2mm). After two surgeries, the height improvement is very minimal (still 1.5mm lower) and... READ MORE

What is a levator release? (double eyelid surgery, young patient)

My eyes don't close fully b/c my sham surgeon removed too much skin. I'm abt 3mm short on my left, and 4mm on my right. Even when I stretch my lids... READ MORE

I had levator advancement with bad results and blurred vision (Photo)

Eleven days after surgery I am exhibiting severe asymmetry, reduced ability to blink and blurred vision. Surgeon said everything looked "fine" and he... READ MORE

Eyelid crease is gone after silicone frontalis surgery on congenital Ptosis eye w/ poor levator function....what are my options?

I had my third surgery on my eyelid in order to correct the height and to be honest the outcome is fine with me. I had this surgery about 6-7 months... READ MORE

Blepharoplasty for right eye or Filler for left eye? Desperately need to fix the problem! (Photos)

In 2012 i had ptosis surgery performed by a ophthalmologist - this is what he goes by...I'm uncertain now if this is different to an oculoplastic... READ MORE

15 Years post Eyelid surgery, I have eyelid tightness sensation, are there any treatment options available for this?

Had surgery for cong. ptosis 15 years ago, am now 30. Following surgery will occasionally have this tightness/tension sensation in ptotic eyelid.... READ MORE

What is levator aponeurosis elongation?

How is it done, and what is this procedure used for? Thank you. READ MORE

Is it possible to reverse levator advancement surgery by putting the levator muscle back in its original place?

Adult. Have mild ptosis, MRD 1-2mm one eye. Had first congenital ptosis surgery levator advancement of 1mm a year ago. Surgery failed, eyelid height... READ MORE

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