Itching + Eyelid Surgery

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what is the best cream/ointment to use after Upper Eyelid Surgery?

I had this procedure on 1st May and all is well so far, but I have itching and dry skin around the scar area. My surgeon says leave it alone, but I'd... READ MORE

I am 3 days postop of upper and lower eyelid surgery. What is normal?

The swelling is going down but the bruising is getting worse now. I have itching and some burning at the stich site along with some pain Is this normal ? READ MORE

Lower Eye Lid Repair After Blepharoplasty?

I had a lateral canthal resuspension with scarlysis and grafting on right eye a week ago - left eye scheduled for 7/30. I am going absolutely insane... READ MORE

My eyes are are too big, and I want to know if anything can be done? (photo)

My eyes are too big for my face and they scare people away. I have several eye problems, including severe dark circles(which don't really show well in... READ MORE

Can you help me with my concerns after going through Upper/Lower Blepharoplasty 5 weeks ago? (photos)

I went through Upper/Lower Blepharoplasty and I anticipated a better result under the eyelids. Specifically, when I smile, I have excess skin that i... READ MORE

Upper Cosm Bleph - 14 post op. I have a weird fold on one eye. Is it due to a poor incision? Is this normal? (photo)

Will it go away? My doctor created a lateral incision that extends to my brown and not to the preferred crow's foot area. I am wondering if this has... READ MORE

Eye Balls Itching After Surgery?

Staight away after upper lid surgary I felt scratching and burning of the eye ball and tear ducts,is this normal,is it dry eye as my eyes are watering... READ MORE

Any advice for eyelid surgery scars still itching and tight 4 months PO?

I had upper eye lid surgery about 4 months ago,since then the scars on my eyes are constantly itching, the brows hurt, especially at the corners, and... READ MORE

3 days post op Blephroplasty. What can I do about intense itching IN the eyes?

I have INTENSE ITCHING inside my eyes. I used alot of artificial tears in a bottle after the procedure. Doc thinks I may be allergic to the... READ MORE

My upper & lower eyelids get very itching at 5 weeks post-op. Is this normal?

At 5 weeks post-op from upper & lower eyelids, my eyelids get very itching. My dr. told me to use Cortisone-10 for 2 weeks. Is this normal? I wonder... READ MORE

My eyes are going deeper and deeper inside face. I have dark circles and puffy eyes. Any suggestions? (photos)

My eyes are getting deep like they are getting in a hole....having dark circles....puffy eyes....sometimes i get itching in my eye lids....i feel like... READ MORE

What can be done about my oddly shaped eyes? (Photo)

My eyes are oddly shaped and seem to have the deep set look to them. at the corner of my nose where my nose and eyes meet are really black. I seem to... READ MORE

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