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31 Too Young for Upper Eyelid Surgery?

Hi, I'm 31 years old and feel that my upper eyelids are already sagging, making me look tired and old... It runs in my family - my mother has a... READ MORE

What Would Fix my Bulging/prominent Eyes? (photo)

I have slightly bulging eyes, inherited from my dad (i got my thyroid checked and its really inherited) and i was wondering what would correct it the... READ MORE

I Have Heavy Upper Eyelids for my Age (I'm 23) Due to Genetics...

I have heavy upper eyelids for my age (I'm 23) due to genetics. I'm not sure whether the most appropriate surgery would be an upper bleph,... READ MORE

18 with Dermatochalasis? (photo)

I'm 18 and believe I have dermatochalasis. My eyelids have always been quite droopy and seem to get worse with time. It must be hereditary because my... READ MORE

I Have Terrible Dark Circle Under my Eyes. I Feel Like I Have a Little Eye Bags Too, Not Bad? (photo)

I am just 19 and I think it's genetic. I heard laser will take several time, so it there a more efficient and faster way to get rid of it? fillter? Or... READ MORE

My right eye is more open than my left one, why is that? (Photo)

I think it's always been like this, and it happens all the time, not only when I'm tired. I also realized that my grandmother has the exact same... READ MORE

Bulging Eyeballs? (photo)

I have bulging eyes, it is heredity. My eye lids are not puffy, it is the eyeballs. I have no medical condition. This is making me look like a frog.... READ MORE

Bulging eyes due to high myopia and genetic reasons. Is cosmetic orbital decompression recommended?

I have bulging eyes because of high myopia (-6.00 both eyes). I also believe it is genetic because my dad and my sister also have bulging eyes in... READ MORE

One eye is smaller and more slanted than the other, can I get it fixed? (photos)

My right eye seems to be at a slant and the lower lid far higher than the left making it look wonky and small at the same time. Is there anyway I... READ MORE

Under eye puffiness in my 20s - how to get rid of?

I'm 24 and have already had large bags of puffiness under my eyes. It's genetic. My mother has them too. I always get told I look tired. I feel... READ MORE

Is 16 too young for lower blepharoplasty (removal of dark eye circles and eyebags)? (Photo)

I am 16 and I have severe genetic under eye bags and dark circles. As they are genetic, they cannot be removed by home remedies or eye creams and they... READ MORE

Is ectropion repair covered by insurance? (Photo)

I didn't know what was wrong with my eyes so I asked on here. I was told its genetic mild ectropion. Would insurance cover to repair it? My eyes do... READ MORE

Basically I Have Huge Eyeballs Till You Can Feel It Below Your Eyelids, Can This Be Fixed?

It reaches one centimetre after my bottom eyelids .The whole eyeball size is about 3-4 cm height. Im worried whether it has something to do with any... READ MORE

Upper and lower eyelid surgery or derma fillars? (Photo)

I have had genetic undereye bags my whole life..even when young. It is getting more problematic as I age. I also have inherited hooded and excess... READ MORE

Can I get my big eyes fixed? (photo)

My eyes have always been very large. This is just genetics. But I find them annoying and unattractive, and I am unhappy with them. They puff out at... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for my eyes that protrude from my face? (photos)

I've always been self concious about my eyes i believe its genetic because all of my family has this. My eyelids are prominent, underneath its kind of... READ MORE

Are saggy lids genetic? (photos)

I am 16. I am in the higher range of normal BMI 's. My droopy lids don't allow me to apply eye makeup or liner. Is this something that could be... READ MORE

What surgeries or procedures can be done for very deep set/sunken-looking eyes?

I have a natural double eyelid but my eyes are nevertheless incredibly deep sunken, exacerbating hollows underneath and generally making me look tired... READ MORE

What procedures should I consider? I want bigger eyes and to look my age! (Photo)

I have a genetic disease called hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplaysia. This makes me have wrinkled eyelids and darker skin around my eyes. My eyes look... READ MORE

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