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Lower Eyelid Drooping and Tired Look After Blepharoplasty

I had an upper and lower blepharoplasty almost 3 weeks ago by an eyelid specialist cosmetic surgeon. I'm 41 and always had beautiful big eyes.... READ MORE

Upper Eyelid Fold Goes into Eye Socket Very Deep, Can It Be Solved by Filling And/or Surgery? (photo)

My upper eyelid folds go into the eye sockets very deeply which creates a strange look. Can this be solved by filling and/or surgery? Advice on how... READ MORE

Filler or Lower Blepharoplasty for Lower Lids? (photo)

I am 40 and have genetic under-eye hollowness. It has become markedly worse over the past few years. I really want to do something more on the... READ MORE

Can my Lower Eyelid Hollows and Fat Pads Be Treated with Fillers? (photo)

I have had a problem with dark circles since I was young. I am 53 now and the circles have developed into hollows. I also have round-ish fat pads... READ MORE

Filler or Surgery for Under Eye Bags? (photo)

I'm a 29 year old female with what I think are bags and dark circles under my eyes, but having done some research I think the appearance of bags might... READ MORE

How Soon Can I Get Lower Eyelid Surgery After Botox Injections Around Eyes?

My eyes will not drain after botox injections. My eyebags are worse and I have dark shadows. How long do I need to wait before having lower eyelid... READ MORE

Should I Have Blepharoplasty or Fillers on Tear Trough? (photo)

I want to get rid of my tear troughs and am trying to decide b/w lower blepharoplasty (tran conjunctival) or fillers. I've had a lot of mixed opinions... READ MORE

Fillers or Bleph for my Tear Troughs?

My tear troughs are starting to make me self-conscience. I have barely gotten enough courage to consider filler. I don't know if I could see... READ MORE

Can One Get a Blepharoplasty After Fillers?

Is it possible to get a blepharoplasty after fillers? Fillers are the less drastic option so I'd prefer to see what effect they have first before... READ MORE

What's Best for Eyelid Rejuv/lift - Eyelid Ulthera Vs Eyelid Thermage Vs Madonna CO Lift?

I'm interested in getting an upper eyelid treatment. I am scheduled for full face/neck Ulthera tomorrow, but feel that if I recieved an eyelid tx, it... READ MORE

Upper/Lower Eye Surgery 6 Months After Right Under Eye Hollow Problem. More Filler or Fat Transfer? (photo)

I went back to my board certified PS with my right eye (underneath) concerns. It looks hollow and uneven. Before surgery he put in 3 radiesse syringes... READ MORE

Can Fillers Be Injected Above the Tear Trough?

Can fillers be injected Above the tear trough? If so, which do you recommend? I had a bleph and need volume in the area close to my eyes. Thank you. READ MORE

Malar bags? (photo)

I'm 55 years old and have bags under my eyes. I tried filler with a very good plastic surgeon but we only used one syringe of filler (Restylane) and... READ MORE

Should I Get Blepharoplasty or Filler in the Tear Trough?

I am 25 and I have bags under my lower lid and i hate them! I have seen few surgeons in London some said Blepharoplasty or Filler in the Tear Trough?... READ MORE

Should I Get a Lower Bleph? (photo)

I had restylane injected under eyes 4 months ago by a novice nurse injector. That resulted in large lumps, a protruding vein, and bulging fat pad. I... READ MORE

Restylane Removed Before Pinch Blepharoplasty? (photo)

I am a 42 year old female that had restylane injected in my tear trough 2 months ago. The results were only so so. I still have dark circles most... READ MORE

Poor Dysport Results Last Time, is it Time for Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery Instead? (photo)

Always had great results with Botox but went with Dysport last time and results were horrible. Made my eyes smaller, brow lower and lids super puffy.... READ MORE

Do I need lower blepharoplasty or would under eye fillers give good results? (Photos)

I am 43, healthy and in good shape. I have genetic under eye hollows , and beginning creping of upper eyelids. Is blepharoplasty something I should... READ MORE

Upper/lower Blepharoplasty, Brow Lift, Fillers? (photo)

Hi. my eyes have really started to sag in last couple of years. also think my eyebrow area is getting droopy as i cant see my eyelids as well as i... READ MORE

Options for correcting uneven eyelids? (Photo)

Female/20's. Eyelids are especially obvious in photos and will vary in degree of prominence based on how the skin happens to fold. As of now I use... READ MORE

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