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Eyedrops for ptosis?

I have mild ptosis and my optometrist doesn't recommend me surgery b/c he says the chances of making it worse is higher than the chances of fixing... READ MORE

4 Months After Upper and Lower Eye Surgery, Dry Eye is Really Bad. Will It Get Any Better? (photo)

Eyes are also not closing fully. Had upper + lower eye surgery w/ fat transfer + ptosis repair - now my right lower lid is lower than my left. Dr.... READ MORE

What is the Best Eyelid Surgery Technique to Avoid Occurrence of Dry Eyes?

Does the dryness only occur after eyelid surgery because of eye shape changes? Is it possible to manage this side effect using special eye drops? READ MORE

Can I use regular eye drops between doses of medicated eyedrops for scratchy eyes?

Hi there -- Can I use regular eye drops in-between the ev 4 hrs medicated eyedrops (Tobradex) to add some lubrication? My eyes are soooo... READ MORE

Will a facelift (not including eye work) affect my dry eyes?

I have membonium gland stasis and use hot compresses and Azisite drops regularly. I'm concerned that the surgery or the recovery, not to mention the... READ MORE

Blephapoplashy and dry eyes?

I have dry eye and occasionally use an over the counter eye drop. What concerns should I have With an upper and lower bleph.? READ MORE

1.5 years have passed, still my eyes don't close after ptosis surgery. Help please (Photo)

I had mild ptosis in left eye since birth. in july 2013 i went for ptosis surgery. i am still on eye drops and lubricants and my eyes hurt a lot. they... READ MORE

What caused my permanent dry eyes after my Upper Blepharoplasty?

Since my upper blepharoplasty operation about 1.5 years ago, I have had extreme dry eyes. I never used not even one eye drop in my lifetime prior to... READ MORE

Could my tear glands have been damaged during surgery?

I had eye lid surgery and now my eyes are extremely dry. I am using Systane preservative free drops about every 2-3 hours and a ointment at bed time.... READ MORE

I get eczema on my eyelids. I also have an allergy to steroid creams and/or drops. Is eyelid surgery too risky for me? (photo)

I have had seasonal allergies all my life, which is probably one of the reasons my eyes are so droopy and baggy. Since I turned 40 I get constant... READ MORE

I had upper and lower eyelid surgery 10 months ago and I still have dry eye syndrome. Is this not unusual if I am menopausal?

And I still have dry eye syndrome particularly in my right eye that had more extensive work done. My surgeon has said that it is not common but no... READ MORE

How effective will alphagen or alpha agonist eye drops be for people with congenital ptosis?

I had two ptosis surgeries on my left eye within the last month. Its been about three weeks from my last surgery and my doctor says it needs to be... READ MORE

I am having problems after a upper and lower blephroplasty

I am 4 weeks post op and I initially had problems with my left eye not closing for which i administered tear drops and chloramphenicol but now I have... READ MORE

My daughter had ptosis surgery 1 year ago and eyes are still sensitive when she wakes up. Any suggestions?

I asked her surgeon and he wants to do surgery to see why i dont want surgury again.throughout day it gets better. Is it becuase we dont put enough... READ MORE

7 months after upper eyelid surgery, my eyes and eyelids still itch. Any suggestions?

7 months after upper eyelid surgery my eyes and eyelids still very itchy. An eye doctor prescribed eye drops that didn't work. A dermatologist tried... READ MORE

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