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Are There Things Than Can Speed Up the Recovery from Eyelid Surgery?

Is there a recommended diet, cream, vitamin and/or medication that could be taken before and after eyelid surgery to make the healing process... READ MORE

For How Long Do I Have to Use a Sunscreen on my Upper Eyelid Surgery Scars?

My plastic surgeon told me to use a sunscreen on my upper blepharoplasty surgical scars. They are visible on the outer corner of each eye. I am 7... READ MORE

How Will Eyelid Surgery Affect Eyelash Regrowth?

How long does it take eyelashes to grow back after eyelid surgery? Will they grow back in the natural direction? READ MORE

How Long Does Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery Last? (photo)

I had mine done nine years ago. Now lower eyes are saggy and wrinkly when smiling. Should I have it done again? READ MORE

When Can I Have Blepharoplasty After Being off Accutane?

I am a 36 year old female. I have been taking Accutane for about one and half months and will stop taking it at the end of 2 month, early to mid March... READ MORE

Numbness Eyelid Surgery?

How long after undergoing eyelid surgery should numbness around the eyes reside? READ MORE

Under Eye Puffiness 3 Weeks After Upper Eyelid Surgery, Will It Go Down?

I had upper eyelid surgery 24 days ago and now have a lot puffiness under the eyes that I did not have before the surgery. I still sleep with my head... READ MORE

Doctor to Use Dissolvable Stitches on the Upper Eyelids That May Remain for Weeks After Upper Eyelid Revision?

At a consultation , the doctor's office said that I will have dissolvable stitches placed to the upper eyelids for muscle retraction repair and... READ MORE

What is surgical procedure on eyelids for someone with thyroid disease?

Will the eyelid surgery for fixing eyelids that won't fully close take longer than other eyelid surgeries? READ MORE

Lagophthalmos 6 wks after upper &lower (transcutaneous) bleph. How likely am I to recover without surgical intervention?(photo)

I have lagophthalmos 6 weeks after upper & lower (transcutaneous) bleph. I’m in contact with my oculoplastic surgeon (she’s been great), but I’d... READ MORE

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