Downturned + Eyelid Surgery

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Can I Change My Upward Eye Shape To A More Downturned Look?

I have eyes that tilt upwards and I want them to be more downturned. Can I fix this with surgery? I want this  READ MORE

Can I Change my Almond Shaped Eyes to a More Down Turned Look?

Is there a procedure in which I can change my almond shaped eyes to a more slightly down turned look? If so, what is the name of the procedure? Thank you. READ MORE

What to Do Against a Lowering Upper Eyelid in Outer Corner of Eyes?

The outer corner of my upper eyelid is set in a very downward direction. Even so the my eyelashes cover part of the sclera in the outer corner of my... READ MORE

Almond eye surgery for downturned eyes small eyes? Please help (Photo)

My eyes are downturned on the top lid, short in width,small&have no visible tearduct.What can help me fix them,to be slightly more slanted up, a... READ MORE

Can you transform down turned eyes into upturned eyes?

My eyes any down and the corner of the upper eyelid droops down making the out corners of my eyes a bit lower than my inner corners and when I smile... READ MORE

20 y.o. with down turned eyes that droop in the corner of my eye which makes me look tired/sleepy and I don't like it. (photo)

It lowers my confidence!! I really want to fix them forever. Make them looking normal & energized.Should I Get Eyelid Surgery? READ MORE

Is it possible to have surgery to make downturned eyes more upturned? (Photo)

I'va always hated my downturned droopy eyes because they always make me look tired, sleepy and bored. Is there a surgery to make them more upturned or... READ MORE

Can down turned eyes be shifted upwards to create upturned eyes like in the pictures? (Photo)

Is it possible to change downturned eyes into upturned eyes with surgery or any procedure such as Botox.both the bottom eyelid and the upper eyelid... READ MORE

What type of eyes do these celebrities have and can you reshape downturned eyes into these shapes?

I have downturned eyes and I want similar eyes as these is it possible with an eyelid lift I may gain these results? READ MORE

Can I make my eyes upturned and wider with an eyelid surgery? (photo)

I have round downturned eyes. I want to know if its possible to achieve wider more upturned eyes with surgery. READ MORE

What eyeshapes do these celebrities have and is possible to reshape downturned eyes into these shapes? (Photo)

I have downturned eyes and I want eyes like either of the following celebrities is it possible to achieve this with eyelid surgery? Or is there any... READ MORE

I had an upper eyelift in Prague. My eyes now are not a nice shape & turn down at edges. Can I get my almond shaped back?(photo)

Can I get my almond shaped eyes back after eyelid surgery. They seem uneven on eyelids and turn down at corners has really effected my confidence READ MORE

Surgery to make downturned prominent eyes more upturned and almond shaped? (Photo)

Dislike my prominent, downturned droopy eyes, as they always make me look tired, sleepy, bored and 'high'. Want to get surgery to make them more... READ MORE

Post Lid-ptosis Repair, my Brow Forces Lid Down? (photo)

Ptosis repair revealed dis-inserted levator muscle. This was fixed during surgery. However now when I raise my eyebrow, my upper lid is dragged... READ MORE

Surgery to get almond eyes? I want my downturned sleepy eyes to look upturned.

I have downturned sleepy eyes. Is there a surgery to make them look upturned? READ MORE

I cannot see properly due to my eyelids. What procedure would you recommend? (photos)

I have very harsh features which sadly result in a stern facial expression on my face. I have naturally heavy eyebrows, a square nose, downturned... READ MORE

I have downturned eyes and would like to give them a lift. Is there a surgery that could help? How much? (Photo)

I have downturned eyes and would like to give them a lift. Is there a surgery that could help? How much? READ MORE

Can I fix my downturned droopy eyes? (photos)

I've always disliked my downturned eyes since I was six years old. They are droopy, and people always tell me I look sleepy or sad even when I'm not.... READ MORE

Is it possible to make cat eyes (upturned) appear downturned? (Photo)

Most people's upper-outer lids naturally slant downwards from the middle. My eyes have grown "up and out" as I grew up, giving them a more cat-like... READ MORE

What possibilities are there to enlarge the eyes besides eyelid surgery & ptosis surgery? Inner corner eyelift possible? (photo)

I'm tired of my droopy sleepy eyes. I'm looking for a surgery that can lift the inner corner of my eyes just a tiny little bit, mine point downwards... READ MORE

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