Double Eyelid + Eyelid Surgery

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Can Blepharoplasty Correct my Asian Eyelids? (photo)

I am Asian with single eye lids. I woke up a few days ago with a double fold on my right eye! My left eye has a single fold. I'm not sure how or why... READ MORE

Is it possible to fix my uneven eyelids without surgery? (photo)

I already have double eyelids, but one crease is higher than the other. I've been considering using eyelid tape or glue, but I heard that can only fix... READ MORE

Can I Create a Monolid (Mono Lid)?

I have double eyelids. I want to look more asain. I realize that creating a genuin single lid might not be possible(if it is though, please tell me... READ MORE

Why is one of my eyelids bigger than the other? Is there something wrong? How can I get this fixed? (Photo)

My right eyelid seems "double" compare to my right one, that seems perfectly normal. It wasn't like when I was small. I barely noticed it when I was... READ MORE

Lump Found on Incision After Upper Blepharoplasty (Double Eyelid), Should I Worry? (photo)

I did upper blepharoplasty on 6 Oct 2011, and 2 weeks ago, i found a lump about 2-3mm on the incision. There seems to be a black thing on it as well.... READ MORE

Double Eyelid To Monolid?

So here's the "big deal", I'm half asian, and I got a monolid on my right eye and a kinda double eyelid on my left eye, not as deep as in caucasian... READ MORE

Bumps and Ridges from Double Eye Lid Surgery? (photo)

I'm post double eyelid surgery for 3 weeks 4 days and am concerned with the tiny bumps/ridges at the incision line. Is this normal? I have used scar... READ MORE

Double Eyelid Surgery Scar Revision? (photo)

I had my double eyelid done at few years before by cutting method. But everyone still can see an uneven scar on my eyelid when i close my eye or... READ MORE

Eyes are Very Different 1 Week After Double Eyelid Surgery, Should I be Worried?

I am 9 days post op double eye surgery. One eye is more swollen and much more small. Surgeon says it's all fine and not to worry. She said I... READ MORE

I Have Mild Case of Ptosis. What Cosmetic Surgery Can I Get Without Getting Double Eyelid?

I have extra fat on my upper eyelid, which causes eye fatigue and excessive blinking. I don't have wrinkles on my face except my forehead, due to... READ MORE

I Got Double Eyelid Surgery 6 Days Ago and my Eyes Are Extremely Uneven?

Is this something I should be concerned about? My cousin got the same procedure done a day before I did but her results look a lot better than mine do... READ MORE

How Do I Make my Eyelid Even After Full Incision Method ? (photo)

I had full incisional method done over a year ago and the line on my lid still appears and now i have an extra crease over it and it's not evenly... READ MORE

Double Eyelid Surgery - How Long Does It Take for the Incision Line to Disappear?

I had the procedure done almost 5 months ago, and my eyelids still show the crease when I close it. The left eyelid's crease is more prominent. Is... READ MORE

Double Eyelid Revision, How High can the Crease be Raised?

I had double eyelid surgery 2 months ago.I prefer how it looks when it was slightly swelling as the crease are higher. now that the swelling has gone... READ MORE

Uneven eyelid crease and multiple folds 16 days post op ptosis repair. Is it due to the stitch dissolving? (Photo)

I had anterior approach ptosis repair 16 days ago. This was a revision of first op 7 days prior to that for over correction. Ive been photographing my... READ MORE

9 days after double eyelid surgery - is this normal? (photo)

On the 2nd of Jan 2014 I had the "natural adhesion method" of double eyelid surgery performed in Korea. As I live in Australia, I had to come home... READ MORE

33yo- 4 weeks post op for Double Eyelid Surgery, removing excess skin only - asymmetry, swelling & muscle ptosis? (Photo)

Is my swelling normal ? crease deep and high. My doc advise massage fr 3rd long I would take to de swell. My eyes are asymmetric, is it due... READ MORE

I had a double eyelid surgery 4 weeks ago. The line on my eyelids is blue or black colour, is it normal? (photo)

I asked the doctor and she said its fine,its something to do with blood and another person i asked told me they are dissolvable stitches and will be... READ MORE

Non Incisional Double Eyelid Surgery? (photo)

Yesterday when I went to my eyelid surgeon to consult upon performing a non incisional eyelid surgery. He said it is okay to do but he doesn't... READ MORE

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