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Droopy Eyes After Lower Blepharoplasty

I had a lower Blepharoplasty two weeks ago, and both of my eyes look a little droopy, especially the left one, giving me a tired look. Is it possible... READ MORE

Can Blepharoplasty Correct my Asian Eyelids? (photo)

I am Asian with single eye lids. I woke up a few days ago with a double fold on my right eye! My left eye has a single fold. I'm not sure how or why... READ MORE

Droopy Lower Eyelid After Lower Eyelid Surgery

I just had my lower eyelid surgery for about 4 weeks already. My doctor says that my lower eyelid will go back to its position after it heals. I hope... READ MORE

Outer Corners of Eyes Are WEBBED After Blepharoplasty - UNSIGHTLY?

Last week I wrote to you in regards to the blepharoplasty I had over two years ago at Strax. Blepharitis was the diagnosis two weeks ago. For the past... READ MORE

Can Unparalleled Eyes Be Corrected (photo)?

The eyebrows & the eyelids are what stood out to me. so i was wondering what methods can be done to correct this. READ MORE

Non-existent Crease Years After Blepharoplasty

I had a blepharoplasty performed on my right eye about four years ago. I noticed after the swelling had gone down, the lid seemed to double crease... READ MORE

7 Weeks Upper/lower Blepharoplasty I Have a Buldge or Hollow Line Under my Right Eye? (photo)

I am 7 weeks after upper/lower Blepharoplasty and I have 3 major concerns. 1.) I have a hollow line under my right eye along the cheek bone creating a... READ MORE

Eyes Look Small and Uneven After Eyelid Surgery and Laser Resurfacing

I had upper eyelid surgery a week ago. Laser resurfacing under eyes. MY EYES LOOK TINY AND UNEVEN. I think I should have had a brow lift and not... READ MORE

Ptosis Correction Surgery While Using Steroid Drops?

Hello, I`m a 33 years old male, passed a cornea transplant surgery 1.5 years ago and still using steroid drops (one drop of "Zylet" per day) to... READ MORE

Had Upper Bleph Done 6/12/13. When to Correct Asymmetry After Eyelid Surgery? (photo)

Left Eyelid Was Corrective from a 2010 Procedure. After 9 weeks, asymmetry is even more noticeable,right eyelid is 8mm and left eyelid is 10 1/2mm!!!!... READ MORE

How can my lower hollow, dropped eyelid be corrected? I already done eye bags surgery. (photo)

I did eye bags surgery 3 years back. Dr removed excess fat and tissues . I was satisfied. But now my lower eyelids become volume less, hollow and... READ MORE

I Had Upper and Lower Blephs Done 4 Weeks Ago, my Left Eyes Vision is Now Blurred and my Eye Feels Tight and Uncomfortable?

My left eye which had ptosis repaired is great vision and all. My left eye however is dry tight and my vision is no longer 20/20. I believe my lower... READ MORE

Please Could You Make Any Suggestions in Regards to my Right Eyelid Ptosis Becoming Worse Following Corrective Surgery? (photo)

On 1 June 2012 I had a surgery to correct my right eyelid Ptosis which I have had since birth. 3 weeks laterat my first appointment with the surgeon,... READ MORE

Is Playing the Saxophone and the Pressure That Comes Up with Blowing a Problem when You Have Had an Upper Eyelid Correction?

I have had an upper eyelid correction 2 weeks ago. When you have a prostate operation, you are not allowed to blow your saxophone for 6 weeks. Most... READ MORE

Eyelid Mishap? What Kind of Correction Should I Seek? (photo)

Dr. messed up my upper eyelid blepharoplasty. He says he will correct. Please enlighten me to the procedure will be like and what you suggest to... READ MORE

I Had Levator Excision 15 Years Ago and Have No Symmetry Can't This Be Fixed?

I suffered from jaw wink syndrome on my left eye. I was prone to receiving horrible comments from others. So age of 10 I made the decision to have... READ MORE

How can I correct sad eyes? (Photo)

I feel the expression of my eyes its sad. I look sad and more tired because of it. I would like more like and almond shape or something that would not... READ MORE

I'm 20 yrs old and have uneven eyelids. Is there any way to correct this? (photo)

I'm 20 years old and I developed uneven eyelids within the past 10 years. In baby pictures and younger pictures, my eyelids appear even but since... READ MORE

Sydney Australia Revision Blepharoplasty Doctor Recommendations

Hi experts, I had my upper blepharoplasty done a month ago. immediately after the operation, I noted that the incision is different for each eye.... READ MORE

Uneven Eyelid After Surgery? (photo)

Hello! I was born with one drooping eyelid (the left on this picture) and in 2010 I had corrective pstosis surgery on the NHS. Although it looks... READ MORE

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