Blindness + Eyelid Surgery

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Risk of Eyelid Surgery Causing Permanent Blindness or Double Vision

I Read That Eyelid Surgery Can Cause Permanent Blindness or Double Vision, is This a Risk? How are the eyes protected to avoid this possible risk? READ MORE

1 in 30,000 Become Blind After Eyelid Surgery - Fact or Fiction?

Is it true that in 30000 eyelid surgeries 1 person becomes permanently blind ? Isn't this value too high ? READ MORE

Canthoplasty Risks - Blindness?

I learn't that blindness is a risk of canthoplasty. Is there a way to prevent blindness ? Are there any new techniques that eliminates this risk ? READ MORE

Is Blindness a Risk of Canthopexy?

Is there a risk of getting permanently blind after a canthopexy surgery ? READ MORE

Traumatic Ptosis in Right Eye

I'm 16/m, When I was about 2-3 I fell on a pipe, my retina fully detached, they removed my right eye's lens. My whole life my right eye lid has been... READ MORE

What is the medical term for my condition, and are there ANY procedures to fix the appearance cosmetically? (Photo)

My right eye is smaller than my left eye. Im also blind in my right eye. It seems to float away at times And it also give the appearance of strabismus... READ MORE

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