Bells Palsy + Eyelid Surgery

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How to Fix Asymmetrical Eyes

My eyes are very asymmetrical as you can see in my pic. My right eyebrow is slightly lower and less arched, and my right eyelid has a lot more skin... READ MORE

My Eye is Smaller on the Bells Palsy Side and Very Uncomfortable, What To Do?

I try to pull it open all the time as it is pressure on it.the whole palsy side has pressure,nose,mouth,when i eat it closes and... READ MORE

When Can I Stop Taping my Eye Shut at Night with Bells Palsy?

I have had Bells Palsy for about 3 months and I can now close my eye during the day and if I nap it stays closed. However, I am afraid not to tape it... READ MORE

I'm 42, when I was 10 I had bells palsy. It seemed to have healed but as I get older I'm seeing sagging. What can I do? (Photo)

My eye lid now touches my eye lashes. Do you think with the right doctor I can get my insurance to pay for surgery or is there something I can do... READ MORE

Should I get upper bleph/brow lift or will I risk looking worse and draw more attention to my already asymmetrical eyes? (Photo)

I had Bell's Palsy over a year ago. I recovered about 97% but my one eye is a little smaller than the other and drier. I also have heavy hooded lids.... READ MORE

Are these common permanent complications after blepharoplasty? Ptosis, Lagophthalmos? Is it rare, or something you see?

Hi, I am curious if these complications are seen often after upper and lower blepharoplasty? Can one get permanent ptosis from blepharoplasty? What... READ MORE

I have Bells Palsy. My right eyelid has puffy excess skin and my eye is smaller. Can surgery be done to take out excess skin?

Can an Oculoplastic surgeon remove excess skin on my eyelid. I also have excessive watering in that eye. Can tear-duct surgery be done to help this? READ MORE

Why does my one eye droop and my eye brows are not equal ? (photos)

This started 2 MONTHS ago. I really realized the droop about 3 weeks ago when someone mentioned it. I have not had any sort of trama or injury. My... READ MORE

Do I need eyelid surgery? (photos)

I was affected by bell's palsy on the right side of my face (left side in photo) 10 years ago. It's almost recovered. But my right eye (left in photo)... READ MORE

I had bellspalsy about 21 years ago. I never completely regained my smile. Would reconstruction surgery help me? (photo)

My pictures are of my eyes also closes when I smile...this has really affected my self esteem for the past two decades..if surgery... READ MORE

Gold weights or other surgical option?

I have had Bell's palsy for 7 months. Still improving. Mouth moving, but not eye lid or eye brow. Can close eye and have partial blink.My other eye... READ MORE

I am 46 years old Chinese woman, what are my options? (Photo)

I am a 46 year old Chinese immigrant woman with more than typical Asian eyelips. I had two cases of Bell's Palsy on my left face. My left eye is not... READ MORE

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