Allergies + Eyelid Surgery

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My right eyelid always looks puffy or swollen. Why could that be? (photo)

I do have allergies. Is it because of that? When I close my eyes slightly, it seems like the crease is also uneven. Will eyelid surgery fix this? Thanks! READ MORE

Can I do eyelid surgery even though I have severe allergies and frequent swollen upper lids? (photo)

Hello..i suffer from allergies very often and this put a huge impact on my upper eye lid, as it gets swelled times and time repeatedly…can I do the... READ MORE

I have hereditary puffiness under my eyes. I am considering lower eyelid surgery. Will it resolve the issue?

My eyes are very sensitive and react to allergies, lack of sleep, crying, etc. If I have the fat removed from under my eyelids, what will happen to... READ MORE

Wondering if too soon to have eyelid lift, and how long it takes to recover eye shape?

47 years old, having lower face lift to address early neck sagging. Eyelids are just starting to droop. Have allergies, droop more in morning, but... READ MORE

I had surgery on a muscle behind my left eye at age 2. It's given me a lot of complications. I'm 16. What should I do?

When I was 2 I had surgery to fix a droopy eyelid on the muscle behind my eye. I've lived my whole life dealing with this and being in highschool now... READ MORE

Ptosis in left eye but also irritation... What could have caused this?

I already know I have ptosis in my left eye and it is acquired ptosis which I found out through photos. But my left eye is painful as well. And the... READ MORE

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