8 Months Post-op + Eyelid Surgery

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Lower Blepharoplasty Revision? (photo)

8 months ago I had an upper and lower blepharoplasty. My surgeon also lifted the outer corners of my lower eyes as they hung below my pupil. He also... READ MORE

I Had a Blepharoplasty 8 Months Ago. Today a Stich is Poking Through the Skin. Is This OK?

The surgeon told me at the time that he used dissolvable sutures on the superficial layer, whilst a non-dissolvable suture remained deeper. I had no... READ MORE

Eyelid Not Healing After Canthoplasty, What Should I do?

I had a canthoplasty on my left eyelid and canthopexy on the rightJuly 2011. The right eyelid healed fine.The left is still not healed, and despite... READ MORE

Unhappy with Blepharoplasty - Lower Eyelid Surgery?

I had lower eyelid surgery done eight months ago because I have bags under my eyes and was always told how tired I look. The skin under my eyes was... READ MORE

Revision Eyelid Surgery to Return to Original Look?

Will a second lower bleph make things worse or is it possible to reverse eyelids back to how they origionaly looked? had upper and lower... READ MORE

Ptosis Repair While Having Accutane (10mg)?

It's been 8 months since I did a ptosis repair I still find my eyelid is still swelling. I don't know whether accutane is the cause of it but i made a... READ MORE

What can cause SUDDEN sunken eye, teeth drop, loss of cheeks, facial asymmetry? (photos)

8 months ago suddenly my left eye become sunken in. Teeth on my left side dropped down. Since then I lost my chubby cheeks. Looks like my whole face... READ MORE

I Had Eyelid Surgery in January. The Plastic Surgeon Has Decided to Take More Skin from the Lids. What Can I Expect?

I had major bruising and was very swollen from the initial surgery. A plastic surgeon from North Virginia did the procedure. I am very nervous I will... READ MORE

8 months post revision upper/lower eyelid surgery. Scleral show still a problem. What options do I have to fix it? (Photo)

I had revision canthoplasty, on my lower lids on the 14.2.14. to correct scleral show . 8 months of 'healing time', 3 sessions of skin needling, and 3... READ MORE

How to reverse suture double eyelid surgery?

I would like to reverse my DST eyelid surgery done 8 months ago. My doctor and he said he has to make a small incision just like the incision I did... READ MORE

How can I get rid of the wrinkles 8 months post lower eyelid surgery?

It has been 8 months post lower eyelid surgery. I am mostly pleased with the surgery but still have wrinkles which I assumed would be gone after... READ MORE

Post lower lid and check fat transfer problems – under eye bruising and abdomen disfigurement

8 months ago, I had lower lid surgery & a fat transfer to eye hollows & cheeks – the donor site was my abdomen. Due to minimal results, I had a 2nd... READ MORE

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