5 Months Post-op + Eyelid Surgery

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My Eyeballs Feel "Cold" and Irritated All the Time 5 Months After Lower Bleph.

I had transcutaneous lower bleph 5 months age, with a very long recovery! My lower lids are now slightly lower than prior to surgery. I am 49yo,... READ MORE

Lower Blepharoplasty Complication After 5 Months, Is a Revision Recommended?

I had a lower bleph 5 months ago. I had an incision under the eye and fat removed. One eye is perfect the other is left larger and I have a small... READ MORE

Ptosis Revision? (photo)

Hello Doctors, I'm going on 5 months post op from my second ptosis revision and third ptosis surgery in total. I still wake up every morning with... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation Under Both Eyes After Blepharoplasty. What Are My Options? (photo)

I had Lower Blepharoplasty and pear fat transfer about 5 months ago. After the operation I have developed dark hyperpigmentation under both eyes. I... READ MORE

Double Eyelid Surgery - How Long Does It Take for the Incision Line to Disappear?

I had the procedure done almost 5 months ago, and my eyelids still show the crease when I close it. The left eyelid's crease is more prominent. Is... READ MORE

5months Post Op for Lower Bleph, Results Are Worse Than Before... What Am I Suppose to Do?

Id appreciate any advice. thank you i had lower bleph in dec '12, 5 mos ago. my dark circles got worse i told my doctor that i havent seen any... READ MORE

Ptosis Repair- 5 Months Post Op and Ptosis is Back? (photo)

I am 5 mo. post op for ptosis repair of left eyelid. After 2 revisions (undercorrected and over) it seems they thought it was just right. Just... READ MORE

Hollowing after eyelid surgery? (photo)

If I can't use facial fillers what are the other options I have for these results after eyelid surgery? I'm 5 months out now and the sunken look seems... READ MORE

5 months post upper blepharoplasty. My scar is wide and noticeable. Is there a treatment that would enhance the results? (Photo)

My doctor place the incision too high and the scars are fully visible, after 5 months and 2 fraxel treatments the scar on my right eye is wide, dark... READ MORE

5 months post op, I have this hard swelling under both eyes. Can this be fixed? (photo)

5 months post op lower bilateral bleph. Incision scars look good but I have this hard swelling under both eyes, the left eye worse than the right. My... READ MORE

5 months post op upper bleph surgery, I have sagging skin on outer corners of my eyes, creating a fold. Is this normal? (photos)

Looks like I took an eyeliner pencil and drew a line at the outside corners. Did NOT have this before surgery. What happened and can it be fixed. My... READ MORE

5 months post op, I have lots of dents and scarring. Can this be fixed and how? (photos)

I am now 5 months post op Bil upper and lower bleph's with direct brow lift. I look awful, lots of dents and scarring. Can this mess be fixed? And if... READ MORE

Uneven Eyes, Jaw Lines and Neck Bulges? (photo)

Went for upper/lower bleph & neck lift. Lower bleph was not done as the DR stated that I was bleeding too much too risk it. I appreciate that,... READ MORE

Droopy Right Eye Five Months AFTER Upper Eye Blepharoplasty Surgery...what Can Be Done? (photo)

I had blepharoplasty surgery five months ago and my eyes, especially the right look worse than before. The right eye especially seems difficult to... READ MORE

Incision double eyelid - 5 wks after surgery, will there be more progress?

Hi All. Firstly, I would like to thank you doctors for the answers for my first posting. Though I was despair after the surgery with sharp jabs of... READ MORE

Droopy Right Eye Five Months AFTER Blepharoplasty Surgery- Dr. Says It's Ptosis-WHY Did This Happen After the Surgery? (photo)

Dr. (very kindly responded-thank you) says it looks like Ptosis but I am wondering what is it about the Blepharoplasty that would have caused this? I... READ MORE

Lower bleph and cheek lift. Anchor blepharoplasty. (Photo)

5 months after botched surgery where surgeon cut sides of eyes and apparently degloved/destroyed under eye attachments to place hideous medpor malar... READ MORE

Will there be any further healing for a 5 month-old lower eye lift? (photo)

Upon the recommendation of my PS, I had a lower blepharoplasty performed five months ago. My eyes are still pulling down a bit at the corners and I... READ MORE

Upper Bleph Revision? Don't want to offend my awesome surgeon! (photos)

Hi there! In November I had an upper blepharoplasty on my right eyelid only. Before, it appeared to look "Asian" according to the surgeons with whom I... READ MORE

I've been told I have "fishmouthing syndrome" contributing to dry eyes & burry vision after lower bleph. How is this corrected?

I had lower blepharoplasty 5 months ago that involved a skin pinch and lateral tarsal strip canthoplasty. I have dry eyes, blurry vision in one eye... READ MORE

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