Eye Bags Treatment Videos

Puffy Eyes: Caused By Muscle or Fat? Learn the Difference

Different kinds of eye puffiness are caused by different issues. Dr. Amiya Prasad lists the reasons and the treatments. Any apply to you? VIEW NOW

Sunken Eyes or Dark Pigmentation? How Do I Tell the Difference?

Want to treat your under eye area but not sure how? Dr. Amiya Prasad discusses volume loss around the eyes and potential ways to address the issue. VIEW NOW

Do Fillers Treat Puffy Under Eye Bags?

Dr. Amiya Prasad fills us in on ways to treat puffy under eye bags and whether fillers can do the trick. Hear what he suggests. VIEW NOW

I Lost 65 Pounds and Now I Have Eye Bags — What Can I Do?

After losing 65 pounds, this female patient has eye bags and she wants them gone. Dr. Amiya Prasad describes affordable treatment options that will also restore facial volume. VIEW NOW

Dark Circles and Under Eye Bags: See These Patients' Final Results

Using Voluma, Restylane, intense pulsed light (IPL), and a Glytone eye peel, Dr. Joseph A. Eviatar treats dark circles and under eye bags in both a male and female patient. See the results for yourself. VIEW NOW

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Injectable Fillers vs. Facial Fat Transfers: The Pros and Cons of Each Treatment

Drs. Jason Litner and Peyman Solieman explain the differences between facial fat transfers and injectable fillers for treating under eye hollows and dark circles. VIEW NOW

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Treating Mild Under Eye Bags Non-Surgically — Is It Possible?

This 33-year-old patient wants her mild under eye bags gone. Dr. Amiya Prasad discusses what may be behind the bags and how to treat them. VIEW NOW

Can Eyelid Surgery Remove Wrinkles From Around the Eyes?

Can eyelid surgery remove those pesky wrinkles from around your eyes? Hear what Dr. Amiya Prasad has to say about seeking out anti-aging treatment. VIEW NOW

Does Under Eye Cream Work? This Doctor Says...

Want to know if under eye bag cream is worth the cost? Dr. Amiya Prasad explains what causes puffy under eye bags and what treatments work best. VIEW NOW

I Have Dark Skin, Need Eyelid Surgery, and Don't Want Keloids — What Are My Options?

Those with darker skin may worry about keloids and other forms of scarring when going under the knife. Dr. Amiya Prasad discusses what factors to consider when undergoing eyelid surgery. VIEW NOW

My Under Eye Bags Don't Go Away No Matter How Much I Sleep — Why?

You get plenty of sleep but still have under eye bags. Here's why, as explained by Dr. Amiya Prasad. Figure out your options. VIEW NOW

What Are the Risks of Eyelid Surgery?

Eyelid surgery, like any other surgery, involves risks. What can you expect? Dr. Amiya Prasad discusses potential complications that may impact the health of the eyes. VIEW NOW

Transconjunctival Blepharoplasty: How It Differs From Other Eyelid Surgery

Transconjunctival blepharoplasty differs from other eyelid surgery and here's how. Dr. Amiya Prasad explains how this method helps remove puffy eye bags while avoiding an external incision. VIEW NOW

Can Eye Bags Be Removed Without Surgery?

Sick of your eye bags but not ready to go under the knife? Dr. Amiya Prasad details your options and explains why you should be wary of over-the-counter fix-it products. VIEW NOW

Tear Troughs: Can They Be Fixed and How?

Deep tear troughs may seem permanent but Dr. Amiya Prasad explains the various treatment options including hyaluronic acid fillers and/or platelet rich plasma (PRP) to add volume and improve skin quality. VIEW NOW

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