Eye Bags Treatment Videos

Common Blepharoplasty Complications and Surgical Resolutions

Dr. Amiya Prasad discusses factors in eyelid surgery that can potentially affect the appearance and health of the eyes. VIEW NOW

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How Is Eyelid Surgery, Called a Blepharoplasty, Performed?

Dr. Amiya Prasad discusses how he performs eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) with the goals of maintaining the health and function of the eyes while improving their appearance. VIEW NOW

The Benefits of Eye Bag Surgery Done From Inside the Eyelid

Dr. Amiya Prasad details the advantages of transconjunctival blepharoplasty, which refers to the process of removing and repositioning the fat that causes puffy under eye bags from the inside of the eyelid so there's no external incision. VIEW NOW

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Will the Results of Eyelid Surgery be Permanent?

Dr. Amiya Prasad discusses factors that can affect the long-term results of eyelid surgery like age when surgery was performed, lifestyle factors, and the continuing aging process. VIEW NOW

Why Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery Is "Like Washing a Car"

If you're in the neighborhood, might as well treat the lower lids, too, says Dr. John Fezza. VIEW NOW

Thin Skin Under the Eyes? Try These Treatments

Dr. John Fezza understands that some patients may be hesitant to get an eye procedure done due to thin skin but he has a few options for these patients that may surprise you. VIEW NOW

Should I Get My Eyes Done? Here's What You Need To Know About Blepharoplasty

Sagging, creping, even obstructive eyelids could mean it's time for a blepharoplasty, commonly known as an eyelid lift. Dr. John Fezza tells us all about this procedure from the pain expectations to recovery. VIEW NOW

Removing and Adding Fat Are Both Great Lower Eyelid Options

Dr. Andrew Miller explains that improving the lower eyelids may include removing fat and filling hollow areas with fat harvested from elsewhere on the body. Your doctor can discuss which options are available to treat your specific problems. VIEW NOW

Wearing Glasses or Contacts After Eyelid Surgery Requires Extra Care

Dr. Amiya Prasad explains how eyesight can improve after ptosis surgery because of improved eyelid position in relation to the pupil, but cautions against using contact lenses during the healing period. VIEW NOW

How Much Does Ptosis Surgery Cost?

Dr. Amiya Prasad discusses the factors at play in the final cost of ptosis surgery and how costs are arrived at based on individual needs rather than a set price. VIEW NOW

Not Just Any Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Should Be Trusted With Your Eyes

Dr. Amiya Prasad discusses how eyelid surgery is offered by board certified surgeons of several specialties but results, skills, experience, and expertise vary with those who don't specialize in eyelid surgery. VIEW NOW

Is Asian Eyelid Surgery Reversible?

Dr. Chase Lay explains how likely it is that a patient may or may not be able to revert back to their old eyes after a disappointing or drastic eyelid procedure. VIEW NOW

Is an Asian Surgeon Better at Performing Asian Eyelid Surgery

Dr. Chase Lay frequently performs Asian eyelid surgery and so he speaks on the merits of having an Asian surgeon versus a non-Asian surgeon perform the procedure. VIEW NOW

Is There a Cream to Remove the Dark Circles Under the Eyes?

Dr. Michael Persky discusses several different options for removing dark circles under patients' eyes and the likelihood of developing a cream for this sensitive problem area. VIEW NOW

Tired Eyes? Stop Drinking and Get More Sleep BEFORE Thinking About Surgery

Dr. Amiya Prasad discusses the causes of tired-looking eyes in a younger person, changes in lifestyle and non-surgical treatments to improve them, and why diagnosis is important before committing to surgery. VIEW NOW

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