Eye Bags Treatment Videos

Eye Bags May be Mistaken as Tear Troughs — Adding Filler Can Make Them Bigger

Dr. Amiya Prasad discusses how eye bags can be mistaken as deep tear troughs since the puffiness accentuates adjacent hollowness. He also explains what can be done to fix under eye bags permanently. VIEW NOW

Transformed With Botox and Facial Fillers

Dr. Lisa Airan uses a mix of treatments including Botox, Belotaro, and Sculptra to create a facial transformation. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Explains the Causes of Eye Bags at a Young Age and Why Creams Can't Remove Them

Dr. Amiya Prasad explains the cause of this young man's under eye bags, why creams won't remove them, and his recommendation for treatment. VIEW NOW

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Eyelid Surgery for Dry Eyes and Dark Circle Removal — See What the Doctor Recommends

Dr. Amiya Prasad explains a non-surgical treatment for dark circles and if eyelid surgery and Lasik is possible for this woman. VIEW NOW

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Facial Rejuvenation Trends in Younger Patients — The Doctor Explains

No two patients are alike, Dr. Richard J. Bruneteau explains the trends he sees in younger patients seeking facial rejuvenation procedures. VIEW NOW

Creams Aren't Working for This 26-Year-Old Man's Under Eye Hollows — See What the Doctor Recommends

Dr. Amiya Prasad explains how puffy eye bags are causing this man's under eye hollows to look deeper and shares treatment options. VIEW NOW

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Learn How an Eyelid Lift Can Impact the Overall Look of Your Face

Dr. Glenn M. Davis explains various factors that lead people to seek an eyelid lift and how it's performed. VIEW NOW

Lines Under the Eyes at a Young Age — The Doctor Explains When It's the Right Time for Treatment

Dr. Amiya Prasad explains that procedures for under the eyes are not recommended for teens. He recommends these tips for managing under eye lines. VIEW NOW

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See Janet's Liquid Facelift Transformation With Before & Afters

Dr. Lisa Airan walks us through Janet's facial restoration without surgery. VIEW NOW

Blister On Eyeball 9 Days After Lower Eye Bag Surgery — See What the Doctor Recommends for This Woman

Dr. Amiya Prasad explains what the cause of a blister or swelling on the white part of the eye is and how long it typically takes to go away. VIEW NOW

The Best Result in Eyelid Rejuvenation Often Comes From a Combination of Treatments, Says This Doctor

Live from Chicago at ASDS 2015, Dr. Brian Biesman answers questions about surgical and non-surgical eyelid rejuvenation. VIEW NOW

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It's Time to Address Gravity — Minimally Invasive Options for Treating Sagging Upper Eyelids and Under Eye Bags

Live from Chicago at ASDS 2015, Dr. Cameron Chesnut answers questions about sagging upper eyelids and under eye bags. VIEW NOW


This Woman Was Sick of Looking Tired All the Time — Here's What She Did

This young woman went to see Dr. Donald B. Yoo to improve the appearance of her under eye and tear trough areas. See her procedure and results. VIEW NOW

This 31-Year-Old Woman Wants a Non-Surgical Treatment for Her Under Eye Bags — See What the Doctor Recommends

Dr. Amiya Prasad explains when fillers can be used and when surgery is necessary to remove under eye bags and hollow. VIEW NOW