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Puffiness Under-eyes - Do I Need Treatment?

Hi all, I am 23 and it's been about 4 months since I've all of a sudden developed these bags under my eyes, they are there all day and... READ MORE

I have lines and bags under my eyes. Would you recommend surgery or filler? (photos)

I have lines and bags under my eyes and I'm not sure how to handle them. I've tried peels, creams, serums...I'm not just getting great results under... READ MORE

Can Surgery Give Better Results Than Than Restylane

I had restylane injected under the eyes but the results were not what i wanted can surgery give me better results than restylane? READ MORE

What is Best Option for Under Eyebags?

I am 25 and I have bags under my lower lid and i hate them! I have seen few surgeons in London some said Blepharoplasty or Filler in the Tear Trough?... READ MORE

Best Eye Bag Removal Method? (photo)

Hi, Can You Tell Me Which is Best for Eye Bag Removal? I Have Been Looking at Surgery, Fillers and Laser. Thank You. READ MORE

Surgery or Fillers Can Do for Now? (photo)

Hello, I'm 32 years old and have under eye bags which are getting worse. I'm really scared and not ready for surgery. Does it look like I can prolong... READ MORE

How can I fix the puffy eye bags under my right eye? (Photo)

Hello, I am in desperate need of an answer. For the past few years, my right under eye bag has been fat & bulgy. It's gotten to the point where I... READ MORE

Surgery or Restylane for 35 yo? (photo)

I am interested in improving the appearance of my under-eye area. In my case, would you recommend Restylane injections or would surgery be necessary?... READ MORE

Medical Malpractice? Mommy Makeover and Eyebag Removal, But Not Signs of Surgery on Eyes?

I was scheduled for a mommy makeover plus lower eye procedure to remove the bags. When I woke up, they had performed all the other procedures, but NOT... READ MORE

Do you recommend surgery for these bags under my eyes? I'm concerend that my eyes will droop with age if I do. (Photo)

I'm 48 and am a professor at a university. I can't get rid of them or even lessen them. I tried every under eye cosmetic there is and make-up doesn't... READ MORE

how long should I wait after a rhinoplasty to have under eye treatment for slight hollowness? (photo)

I am having rhinoplasty done in 9 days. I am going to set up a consultation with a Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh but I don't know how long I should wait after... READ MORE

I'm 15 years old with deep bags under eyes and dark circles ever since I was born. What treatment would you recommend?

I'm 15 and had deep bags under my eyes ever since I was five. I looked at pictures. I tryed everything, to frrozen spoon to potaos but it don't even... READ MORE

Im only 17 with permenant eye bags is there a surgery for this?

Im sick of having these eye vags at the age of 17 nearly 18 they put me down so much what surgery options are there and how much do they cost ? READ MORE

What can be done about the bags under my eyes? Any surgical or non surgical treatments? (photos)

Is there such a thing as a fat transfer to under my eyes or is that a myth? How does Kim get it smooth under her eyes ? READ MORE

Under eye puffiness and, dark circles, and bags; surgery or filler? (photos)

I'm 39, and have some puffiness around my eyes. They range from puffy, to sunken, to sometime crepe-like looking. I've heard of Belotero and I know... READ MORE

Could allergy medicine get rid of my puffy black bags or will I need surgery? (photos)

Been having these bags under my eyes since I was a kid. I'm 20 now. They get worser as I age with symptoms like darkening, elasticity is wearing off,... READ MORE

Juverderm or eye bag surgery to fix hollow eyes? (photos)

I'm 23 and since I was a child I've always had ugly tear troughs. I'm thinking either juverderm filler or eye bag surgery to fix it. As you can see... READ MORE

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