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Prominent Malar Bags - How Do I Remove Them?

21, Male, I have prominent malar bags which are very noticable now and make me look tired and old. This is shattering my self confidence and as a... READ MORE

Can Malar bags below the lower eyelid be removed?

I wen for a facelift a month ago and the only reason why I decided to go through this procedure was because I asked my PS if he could remove the bags... READ MORE

How can I get rid of double eye bags? And why do I get them? (photos)

I'm only 24, nothing genetic, very broke, please help me! Please note lighting is also is a factor I'm Big on photography and do some modeling... READ MORE

Fat Pad or Malar Bag? How Do I Get Rid of It!? (photo)

I have received a lot of different opinions on wether I have an eye bag or a malar bag, all I want to know is how I can get rid of it. It is a lot... READ MORE

I have horrible puffy malars. Surely with all the new surgical techniques they can be removed? (photos)

Can these horrible malar bags/festoon be corrected and flattened with a macs lift? Some surgeons say yes and some say no and I am now very confused. I... READ MORE

What Are Permanent Options To Remove Eye Bags? (photo)

When I smile the my under eye bags are also raised, I have a horrific smile and wondered if this is available to be changed READ MORE

Removing Eye Bags with Thin Skin

I am 49 and have very thin skin but would like ti remove bags under eyes and fill in the hollow left behind. READ MORE

What should be done for the lower bags and darkness? Relocation, removal and fat transfer? (photos)

I've really tried to do my homework on the procedures and all it has done is confuse me and scare me. I've seen 3 surgeons that have good reviews and... READ MORE

Is there anyway to remove this kind of eye bag/ dark circle? (photos)

My eye bags have two layers -- looks like I have double eye bags. On a good Ill have only one. I had these for years now and cream doesn't seem to... READ MORE

How can I get rid of my eye bags? (photos)

Can filler done properly achieve a look where the bags do not show or do I need surgery to remove them? I notice when I'm more tired or eat unhealthy... READ MORE

How do I remove this eye bags? (photos)

Im 17 and have had bags under my eyes since I can remember. my dad also has them, just wondering if there is another reason ans how i can make them go... READ MORE

How can I remove my under eye circles/lines/darkness? (photos)

I'm only 20 and have had them for as long as I can remember. Surgical and non surgical advise please. READ MORE

Is there a proven way to minimize or remove under eye bags that are a result of a hearty smile? (Photo)

I am looking for some professional guidance regarding the under eye bags that have seemed to become very prominent for me over the past year. These... READ MORE

How much for eye bag removal. Any special deals or financing? (photos)

I would have to finance when could I start I can pay in 6 mths. READ MORE

My under eyes have been puffy and purple for as long as I can remember. Is there any way that I could remove my bags?

When the doctors said they could be side affects of allergies but none of the medicines, creams, or masks helped me. I'm very desperate. READ MORE

Am I too young to get the bags under my eyes removed ? If so, what method would be best to reduce them?

I'm 18 years old and not only do eye bags run in my family but I also have allergies . I don't wear heavy makeup , so I don't know how to cover them .... READ MORE

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