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eMatrix (aka Matrix Skin) is a skin resurfacing treatment that is marketed as dark-skin friendly. The treatments usually involves three treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart.
Average Price: $1,125

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I had wanted to sign up for foto facials which have really helped my rosacea and boken capileries in the past but the ALC manager did a great sales job on me saying how much better ematrix would be for me. I took the bait and handed over $2500 for 4 treatments. Turns out ematrix is not good for... READ MORE

I have some minor acne scarring and hyper pigmentation that I hope to get rid of. The treatment was uncomfortable but the nurse told me up front to expect some down time and that I may have swelling and redness for a few days. She was correct, but after a week my skin definitely showed... READ MORE

EMatrix. Not worth trying. I spent $2500 for four sessions. I do not see any different. Wrinkles are still on my face, saggy skin is still there and scars never go away. Don't even try it because you just waste your money and time. READ MORE

I purchased a package for 4 sessions from American Laser, was told that the downtime was less than fraxel. This is inaccurate and dishonest information. The day after I called them my entire face was swollen but they don't have any doctor in their staff. They just simply minimized all my... READ MORE

Went in. was REALLY nervous. The person who did my consult told me that she was nervous when she did it the first time too. she asked a client if I could see her after she was done to see how red she got - thankfully she did. Couple days after I had itty bitty red dots. Make up covers them... READ MORE

I had my 1st treatment & noticed a difference in my skin with in the 1 week. After my skin started to heal I noticed some of my hyperpigmentation was clearing up & my skin felt softer than ever. I had treatment B. For acne & my settings were @ 30. Treatment A is for fine line... READ MORE

Treating acne scars and fine lines. The treatment it's self was only midly uncomfortable. Some heat in the skin lasted about an hour. Loved the results. Had the small pin points on my face but covered with makeup no problem. Noticed a tighness right away and a great change in the texture a... READ MORE

Not worth the money. I have had five treatments and see no difference. The first day is painful, the second day not so bad. Did nothing for my sun damage spots. I have a tiny scar on my chin which is still there and all my crows feet are the same. Not one bid of difference. I was promised... READ MORE

Had my treatment - not sure the level used but will check next time. I had my entire face treated. I don't some discoloration and fine lines around my eyes. I felt very little discomfort when the procedure was being performed. However, for three hours after, I felt like my face was on... READ MORE

I'll start by saying I never knew this existed till it was offered on one of my "daily groupon specials at the low price of $89 for the first treatment. I am 56 yrs old and have developed those lovely unwanted wrinkles that only get worse with age. I've spent a lot of money over... READ MORE

First of all, I would like to thank the community members zeezee and sassy74 for their positive encouragment. I just got my first ematrix treatment and so far so good. I would be documenting the details of my ematrix "journey" in efforts of helping other people who are struggling with... READ MORE

I'm 45, Have dark spots i wanted to get rid of. I had the e matrix on Tuesday evening. You could see not only the little red dots they said i would see but the square shape of the laser tool itself, I look like a patch work quilt. It's now Friday morning and my entire face is red and... READ MORE

The procedure was painful, i had my entire face, neck and chest done. I have sagging skin, dark circles under my eyes, sun spots, and wrinkles on my forehead, and around mouth and eyes. Im 40, and wanted to try something to make me look fresh and not tired looking. It seemed even after... READ MORE

The CO2 laser burned like a blow torch but putting silversufadiazine cream on my face not only made the burn stop but helped my face heal faster. The results - Fabulous! I have no large pores, wrinkles-gone, discoloration-gone, all over healthy younger looking face at 47yrs old ... everyone... READ MORE

I'm self conscious about my wrinkles on my forehead that most likely came from tanning for 7 years. I'm only 24 so it would be a little early for them to be signs of aging. I bought a Groupon for $149 which included 2 treatments. (I actually lucked out and got upgraded to ematrix as a... READ MORE

I had acne scar for long time now. I done so many things to my face such as microdermbrasion, fractional laser, chemical peel, used all sort of skin care products but did not see improvement with my skin. I went for a consult for a fractional CO2 but didn't go thru with it. I ended up doing... READ MORE

Ok getting a bit nervous as I read and was told that there would not be much swelling or redness, but maybe that depends on the level of treatment. Will ask her to start low for first one. Running a special $500 per treatment then going up to $600. Got 2 at $500 then will see. Will let you know... READ MORE

I have had the e-matrix done and have been so excited to learn about the way this works! I have only had my one tx but I will continue once a month for 4 months! I just want to take care of my skin and have it looking young and healthy. So far from my one treatment I have noticed the skin has a... READ MORE

Background: I have some minor acne scarring on my cheeks that I'm tired of looking at. A couple ice-pick scars and some scarred/enlarged pores. I've had a couple of series of micro dermabrasions in the past and I aIso had a micro laser peel (by Sciton lasers) set at 10 microns, done in... READ MORE

It has only been 4 days since I had one session of sublative rejuvenation. I wanted to get this done to lift the skin under my chin. along my jaw line, and improve signs of aging around my eyes. While it's only been 4 days I can already see a difference. I will update in the next few weeks READ MORE

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