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Otoplasty Alternative - Stitch Method?

I am considering otoplasty and I looked at Dr.Merk's stitch method... it sounds too good to be true, it really sounds like magic, is this... READ MORE

Does Sorribes Ear Method Work?

The other day I came across the following website advertising something called the Sorribes Ear Method. It says its an alternative to surgery and can... READ MORE

What Techniques Are Available for Ear Reductions?

What cosmetic surgery technique for ear reduction would leave the least amount of visible or obvious scarring? READ MORE

Is Minor Octoplasty Possible?

I have one ear slightly more protruding that the other, however, i am displeased with both my ears. As such, i recently attended a consultation with... READ MORE

Otoplasty Revision, Cartilage Graft or MEDPOR? Doctor Recommendations? (photo)

Unilateral-otoplasty 2 months ago conchal setback. I didnt do enough research prior to surgery, and now realize that my ear needed work on the... READ MORE

How Effective is Incision-less Otoplasty? What Are the Average Costs? Where Could I Get It Done?

The top of my ears stick out a bit and I was wondering if I could get incision-less otoplasty done. Any information on this would be greatly appreciated!! READ MORE

Would You Recommend Revision Otoplasty? (photo)

I had otoplasty in a foreign country a couple years ago. They used a cartilage cutting technique on my right ear and it has left a visible ridge on... READ MORE

Conchal Bowl reduction or Conchal Bowl resection- what's the difference? (photo)

Which one of these techniques are better? And what is the difference between the two. I have large conchal bowls, but I was planning on getting just... READ MORE

Which otoplasty technique is best to treat my prominent ears? (Photo)

From research on this topic, i learned that 2 methods are used for prominent ears (stitch method,removal of cartilage method and combination of both).... READ MORE

Two surgeons.. Two different methods. (otoplasty)

Hi there, I am a 19 year old male who recently had a consultation with two different surgeons regarding ear surgery. This is a big decision for... READ MORE

Is the stitch method Otoplasty recommended? If so are there any surgeons in Sydney that are skilled in this procedure?

I really want to know the professional take on the stitch method of Otoplasty. Or from people that have had this done.And also if anyone could... READ MORE

What are the different and most reliable techniques for upper ear otoplasty?

It seems that there are many different techniques a doctor could use for upper ear otoplasty. I was wondering what technique works best for a sharp... READ MORE

Life after otoplasty. Are permanent stitches toxic for the body? Will I always feel the tension of the sutures?

I had a permanent suture technique otoplasty and the doctor who performed the surgery didn't talk much about the otoplasty risks. I have few questions... READ MORE

5 Months after Otoplasty complications: (suture technique only / prolene material)

Complications: 1)Palpable visible suture irritating knots under the skin (crest of the ear) 2)Permanent suture knot "encapsulated" in scar tissue... READ MORE

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