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Otoplasty Overcorrection

Hello i recently had otoplasty surgery my ears seems to be over corrected and dont look normal at all i was wondering once the dissovable stitches... READ MORE

Will Ears Grow in Size After Otoplasty?

Hi i am getting ready to get married in september of 2011, i have always been self concious of my protruding ears, i recently went to have a... READ MORE

I Ripped my Scab off 1 Week After my Ear Otoplasty Surgery is This Gonna Be a Problem?

I Ripped my Scab off 1 Week After my Ear Otoplasty Surgery is This Gonna Be a Problem? READ MORE

Otoplasty Anesthesia Make Difference in Results?

My doctor says that he prefers to use general anaestesia over sedation or local, because that way he can go into the ears much deeper and make the... READ MORE

Should I be worried about otoplasty results overtime & recurrence? (photo)

Hi! I had an otoplasty on December 2013. The doctor made the operation with absorbable sutures which dissolved after 3 months. My ears are fine, but... READ MORE

Lifting heavy weights after otoplasty?

Please tell me in human terms why cant I lift heavy weights after otoplasty surgery? Will it mess up the results or look of my ear? Or is it dangerous... READ MORE

How can I predict Otoplasty failure?

I want to have Otoplasty, however I hear of cases that people go through the whole procedure only to find out afterwords that their ears relapsed... READ MORE

3 months post op Otoplasty, disappointed with results, what should I do? (Photo)

I had my otoplasty surgery about 3 months ago. Originally I thought the surgery went ok but as the ears have relaxed they have slowly started to stick... READ MORE

I don't like my otoplasty. Is there a way to get it back my ears as before?

I had a otoplasty but i dont like the result i missed my ears :( is there a way i can get it back? they cut too much the concha wall so now i feel... READ MORE

2 Otoplastys, but still unhappy. Is it possible to carve the top portion to reduce the size and also make it less pointy? (photo

I underwent otoplasty in 2004 and again in 2012 with different surgeons. I am still not statified with the results as the top and bottom portion of my... READ MORE

Otoplasty: Can swelling make ears protrude more? I am disappointed with results and the tops are now pointy

After a conchal bowl reduction my ears still seem to stick out in the middle, and the top now protrudes more as well as being pointy, will this... READ MORE

Does the result seem to be good? (Photo)

I did a flap over ear i would like to know if the final look will be good or not and the ear will be noticed as deformed READ MORE

I had otoplasty surgery a year ago and not quite happy with the result. Can I have a revision? (Photo)

ı had an otoplasty surgery a year ago and not quite happy with the result especially with right hand side ear, can you please revert back whether ı... READ MORE

I'm 7 weeks post op on my Otoplasty and I got a haircut. My hairdresser pushed out my ears a little bit. Are they okay?

She put a couple of her fingers behind my ear and kind of pushed it out. I'm just wondering if it will affect my final results. READ MORE

2 months post op Otoplasty, unsure of the results. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had my Otoplasty surgery about two months ago and I feel disappointed by the results . My ears do now look better but I still feel they stick out... READ MORE

Otoplasty result opinions and symmetry queries? (photos)

I posted about otoplasty already but was advised to show more photos so here are plenty. My original question was about opinions on my result as i... READ MORE

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