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I have two different shaped ears. What is my solution?

I have two different ears, all my life I have noticed that one ear one slightly higher positioned than the other, in recent years I now realise the... READ MORE

How Much Would Otoplasty Cost in Montreal Canada Only to Reshape the Helix of Both Ears? (photo)

My ears are not really prominent. What I would like to have reshaped is the helix of both ears (esp. the left side), since they are a bit opened. Does... READ MORE

How Much Would It Cost to Make an Ear Less Pointed Through Otoplasty?

I would like to know the price of getting one of my ears reshaped. It is pointed as shown in the picture. I hope to get it more rounded. READ MORE

Would I Be a Candidate for Ear Cartilage Reshaping and Also Pinning Closer to my Head? (photo)

Id like to have my ears more rounded shape i.e cartilage and closer to my head. Is this possible? READ MORE

Approximately How Much Would It Cost to Have my Ears Reshaped into Smooth Point? (photo)

It might sound silly but I want spock ears. Really badly, and I'ved wanted it for a couple years now. My ears are average sized and shaped like they... READ MORE

How Much Does Otoplasty Cost in or Around Massachusetts?

Just (?) ear pinning. and if I would also like to make them a smaller size, would it be any problem to have them pinned now and put off the reshaping... READ MORE

Wanting Ears Reshaped? (photo)

Im 18 and want some advice on getting my ears pinned back, one sticksout more than the other but i want them both done, any advice if you think i... READ MORE

Medpore Get Exposed by the Body or Own Body Material Get Exposed for Ear Reshaping Surgery?

Hello Dr. I want one help from you.. We discussed with many doctors, One doctor is suggesting for medpore because according to him own body material... READ MORE

Who can do a Ear cartilage reshaping after messy ear pinning? (photos)

So I had my ears pinned back recently. My left ear was protruding a lot further than my right ear. I chose one of the best and top-end doctors and... READ MORE

How to fix large conchal bowls?

Hi, i don't have ears that stick out, (prominent ears) but my conchal bowls are large, This makes it very difficult to wear earphones because they... READ MORE

7.1cm ears in need of reduction or reshape. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have ears that are about 7.1cm. I'm not fussed about them being really small but I would like them just to not seem prominent or obvious. They don't... READ MORE

Is it possible to reshape small ears to make them look bigger or at least normal-shaped? (photos)

I dislike my small ears. They are only 1 1/2 inches. I want to pin my ears back because the bottom part sticks out and I want to make them at least 2... READ MORE

In the UK is there a surgeon who would do free surgery on reshaping the top of 1 ear? (photo)

As I cannot afford it and NHS won't fund. The shape on the top (helium rim deformaty) I think it is called. like a dent at the top.I had surgery once... READ MORE

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